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Online Help:

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PDF Help:

Help downloading and installing the Mac OS X version of Chess Browser:

  • The Mac OS X version of Chess Browser is downloaded as the file ChessBrowser143.bin
  • Your browser will probably automatically convert the file to ChessBrowser143.dmg. If not, double-click the ChessBrowser143.bin file to convert it. You may need to download Stuffit Expander (available from Aladdin Systems) if you don't already have it.

  • Once you have the ChessBrowser143.dmg file, simply double-click it to run Disk Copy (available from Apple) to decode it. A new volume, Chess Browser should appear.

  • Open the Chess Browser volume and drag the Chess Browser 1.4.2 folder from it to your hard disk to copy it there. You can then drag ChessBrowser143.dmg and Chess Browser to the Trash.
  • If you still have problems installing, contact me.

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