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Monday, July 5th
Trail of the Cedars, Drive to Seattle

It rained most of the night, but by morning it had mostly stopped. In fact, by the time we packed up our camp, the sun was shining on our campsite for the first time. Unfortunately it wasn't out long enough to dry our tent and canopy, which we had to pack wet.

The campground was almost empty when we left. From the looks of it, it would remain so until the next weekend. After packing up, we drove into Newhalem for one last hike, the Trail of the Cedars.

After the hike, we headed west on Highway 20 to head back to Seattle. Along the way we made a brief stop at a Cascadian Farms stand for some ice cream and strawberries. Then we were back on the road, about 2 1/2 hours of driving to Seattle.

Cascadian Farm stand

After we checked into the hotel and laid out some of our gear to dry, we visited a friend for dinner and then took the kids to see The Last Airbender. This isn't a movie review site so I won't say much, but I will just say that the animated cartoon series is much better.

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