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Tuesday, July 10th
Fly home

We packed up and left our rental house. On the way to the airport, we stopped briefly at the 'Opaeka'a Falls lookout, which is just south of Kapa'a. There's a path that looks like it gets closer for a better view, but we didn't have time and just viewed it from the parking area. We then briefly stopped at an overlook of the Wailua River before heading to the airport.

'Opaeka'a Falls

Wailua River

Rooster at Wailua River overlook

I had thought about stopping by the Wailua Falls overlook, but it didn't look like we would have time, so we went straight to the airport. I'm glad we did, as there was a long slow-moving line at the TSA checkpoint. I heard several people lamenting that they were in danger of missing their flights.

If you're traveling back to the mainland from Hawaii, be aware that they'll check your bags (both checked and un-checked luggage) for fruit. Pineapple is apparently fine, but they won't let you take back things like apples, bananas, or mangoes. Knowing this in advance, we were able to enjoy a Sugarloaf pineapple on the 4 1/2 hour plane ride back to California.

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