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Dead Giant / North Grove

Kings Canyon National Park

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July 2nd, 1999

2.7 miles
400 vertical feet
Total Time: 1:12

Rating: 5/10

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I hiked in Kings Canyon National Park in the Grant Grove area.

It was late afternoon when I started, and the parking lot for the General Grant tree was only half full. The RV/bus lot was completely empty as I walked across it to the trailhead.

The trail starts out as a paved fire trail, downhill all the way. I soon passed 4 hikers coming in the opposite direction. After that, I had the trail completely to myself.

Lion Meadow

Quickly I came to Lion Meadow, very small compared to Crescent and Log Meadows in Sequoia National Park. After taking a photograph, I continued on the loop trail, which is singletrack. It passes a dead Sequoia tree, the Dead Giant which is the namesake of the loop trail.

After a short climb I was out of the cover of the forest and surrounded by short bushes. The trail heads south and under the cover of a few trees is a nice view of Sequoia Lake below. The lake is not actually part of the national park, but there is a trail which leads down to it.

Sequoia Lake

The trail continues east. As I started off through the bushes, I began to fully realize I was completely alone in bear country. I started whistling to make sure any bears in the area would know I was coming. Sneaking up on a bear is a very bad thing to do.

Back on the fire trail, I felt safer. I was still alone, but at least I could see all around me. I headed back up and made a left onto the North Grove trail. This is another fire trail (unpaved). As the name would suggest, it passes through a grove of sequoias. The late afternoon light had a pleasing effect on them, but nothing as nice as the Congress Trail in Sequoia NP. There were some small refreshing patches of green meadows here and there, but there was also the depressing sight of dead trees amongst the sequoias.

The North Grove trail ends up back on the main paved fire trail, and I took that back to the trailhead.

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