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  • Euclid calculator - Advanced calculator with support for variables and functions. Compatible with Macintosh, Windows, and UNIX.

Game/Puzzle Analysis:

  • An analysis of Tic Tac Toe - Original research from 2006. A detailed analysis of this simple game.

  • An analysis of the 16 Puzzle - Original research from 2000. The 16 puzzle is a very familiar puzzle with 15 scrambled tiles and 16 spaces. I derive a method of determining if a given scrambling is legal -- that is, if the puzzle is solvable.

  • An analysis of the Higher Number game - Original research from 2016. An analysis of the Higher Number game, in which each player gets a random number and decides whether to keep it.



Other Research/Analysis:

  • My Polyominoes Page - Various topics related to Polyominoes. Some original research, along with links to other research.

  • My Research on Egyptian Fractions - PDF document of my 1992 research paper. Egyptians had no way of writing 5/6. Instead, they would write 1/2 + 1/3 (the sum of unit fractions). My research examines ways of computing fractions as the sum of unit fractions, minimizing number of terms and/or largest denominator.

  • My Research on Graceful Graphs - Research from 1988. Includes a PDF version.

  • Chess Tours - 1986 research on knight's tours, bishop's tours, etc. Some extensions to 3-dimensional chess boards.


Java Applets:

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