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NEW: Polyominoes 7.2 for Mac released on January 29, 2004! Download it now!

Polyominoes is a challenging game and puzzle. Included are 100 different boards to choose from. You can play the polyomino game against the computer, or use a board as a solitaire jigsaw puzzle. Polyominoes 7.0 is available now for Mac OS Classic, Mac OS X, and Windows. Polyominoes is shareware, only $10-$12. More info...

Praise for Polyominoes:

  • Gold Award from Kids Domain
  • Rated "4 mice" by Macdownload.com

News and Updates:

Polyominoes 7.2 for Mac OS X and Mac OS Classic Released! Download it now!

Polyominoes 7.1 for Mac OS X Released!

Polyominoes 7.0 for Windows now available! Download it now!

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