Creating Boards

    You can create your own boards on which to play the polyomino game and/or puzzles by using the Board Editor. You can store several such boards in a single file.


Creating New User Boards

    First, you should a create a file to contain your boards. Select New User Boards... from the Board menu and choose a name for the file.

    After you have chosen a file name, you'll automatically enter the board editor. A new window will come up where you can create the boards for your new file.

    The first step is to select the dimensions of the board using the scroll bars. Then select Set Dimensions. This will create a rectangular board of that size.

    The next step is to click on individual squares to toggle them as valid/invalid. An valid square is one that is part of the board; an invalid square is not. You may click and drag the mouse to mark or unmark many squares at once. It's just like using the pencil tool in many drawing programs.

    Finally, select the Save or Save As button to give the board a unique name. You can add more boards as you desire. Select a board's name and click Delete to delete it. Click Done when finished.


Editing Existing User Boards

    If you have an existing file of boards you'd like to edit, first choose Open User Boards... from the Board menu and open that file. Then choose Board Editor... from the Board menu to start editing the boards.


Using User Boards

    User boards will appear in the hierarchical menu User Boards... To use a user board, simply select it from the menu.

    User boards behave exactly like built-in boards, except that statistics and high scores are not kept for them.


Become Rich and Famous...well, maybe famous

    If you create a board which you would like to see built-in to a future version of Polyominoes, let me know. Just e-mail me a copy of the board. Or, if it's more convenient, you can send me a paper copy. Include a pentomino jigsaw puzzle solution if there is one.

    Even if I don't include your board in a future version of Polyominoes, I'll at least put it up on the Polyominoes web site.

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