Polyominoes 7.0 was written by Kevin L. Gong. It is copyright 1990 - 2002 by Kevin L. Gong


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Pentominoes Game

    The game with pentominoes on the 8x8 board is based on the game created by Solomon W. Golomb. The word "pentominoes" is a registered trademark of Solomon W. Golomb.



    The 'digit' and 'alphabet' boards were taken from "Pentomino Alphanumerics" by Judd/Zosel in the Journal of Recreational Mathematics 3 (1978-79).

    The 'animal' boards were taken from "Pentominoes" by Jon Millington (1987, Tarquin Publications).



Give Up sound recorded by Reza Sirafinejad

Sounds recorded using MacRecorder (Farallon Computing). Extra effects added using SoundEdit.



Many thanks to all the people who tested this and previous versions of Polyominoes: Gary Anderson, Adly Azamin Azman, James Best, Leslie Chan, Jean Chang, Julian Chang, Dean Blackketter, Holger Detering, Garrett Fitzgerald, Richard A. Fowell, John Geiser, Jennifer Gong, Andy Grignon, Sven Guckes, Christopher M. Haar, Brian Hall, Bob Harris, Lefteris Kalamaras, Kristin Lawson, Bob Martino, Nicholas Monitto, David Porter, Sylvain Rouzé, Michael Sheldon, Walter Sun, Kevin Tieskoetter, Kam Tsang, Dameon Welch, Jeremy Wyld, and Jean Yeo.



    Thanks to all the people who registered for earlier versions of Polyominoes. I wouldn't have done this without you!

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