To play the game, select Game in the Options menu.

    The rules of the Game are very simple. Each player takes a turn placing one piece on the board. If a player cannot place a piece on the board, the game is over. The player who put the last piece on the board wins.


Man vs. Machine

    You can play against another person -- either locally, or over the network (see the Network Play help section for details). Or you can play against the computer.

    Choose the 2 players option to play against another person. Choose the 1 player option to play against the computer.

    If you're playing against the computer, select the computer's level.

    The Beginner level should be fairly easy to beat. The Master level is very hard to beat. I can beat it only about 15% of the time. The computer will keep track of how you fare against each level (see the Statistics help section).



    The game may be played on any of the boards, and with any of the piece sets. See the help sections on choosing boards and piece sets.

    Use the Options menu to select whether you go first, or the computer goes first. By default, the First Alternates option is turned on. This means that the first player toggles between you and the computer after each game. Select Preferences... under the Options menu to change this selection.

    By default, the pieces placed by the first player are green and the pieces placed by the second player are red. You can change this in the preferences. Change the First Piece Color... and Second Piece Color...


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