Creating Piece Sets

    If the included piece sets aren't enough, you can create your own set of pieces using the Piece Editor.


Creating New User Piece Sets

    First, you should a create a file to contain your piece set. Select New User Pieces... from the Pieces menu and choose a name for the file.

    After you have chosen a file name, you'll automatically enter the piece editor. A new window will come up where you can edit your pieces.

    The small boards to the right show all the pieces in your set. There is a maximum of 35 pieces in your piece set.

    The large board on the left shows the current piece you are editing. A piece can be no larger than 8 squares, and must fit inside an 8x8 square. There is no rule that the squares have to be next to each other -- you can create discontinuous pieces. These pieces, as far as I know, work okay -- except that they "disappear" while dragging. Needless to say, this is a bug which isn't high on my priority list.

    Note: the computer may not play the game very well if you create a set containing pieces of varying numbers of squares (e.g., if some pieces have 5 squares and others have 6 squares).

    Click on the small boards to change the piece you are editing. Click on the large board to draw the shape of a piece.

    Select Clear to clear the current piece you are editing. Select Clear All to clear all the pieces in your piece set.

    Select Save to save your work. Select Done when you are ready to use your piece set.


Editing Existing User Piece Sets

    If you have an existing piece set you'd like to edit, first choose Open User Pieces... from the Pieces menu and open that file. Then choose Piece Editor... from the Pieces menu to start editing the pieces.


Using User Piece Sets

    The user piece set will appear in the piece menu. To use the piece set, simply select it as you would a normal piece set.


Become Rich and Famous...well, maybe famous

    If you create a piece set which you would like to see built-in to a future version of Polyominoes, let me know. Just e-mail me a copy of the piece set. Or, if it's more convenient, you can send me a paper copy.

    Even if I don't include your piece set in a future version of Polyominoes, I'll at least put it up on the Polyominoes web site.

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