Statistics and High Scores

    Select View Statistics in the Commands menu to view game statistics.

    The computer will keep track of how many times you have won or lost -- for every board, and for each difficulty level. It will also keep separate results for when you move first, or the computer moves first.

    The computer keeps track of your best performances in 5 or 10 consecutive games.

    The computer keeps track of your best spanning for each board.

    If the chart of statistics is confusing to you, simply click on the numbers you would like more information on. The text at the bottom of the window will explain exactly what it means.

    Note that if you stop a game before it is finished (for example, by selecting New Game), then that is counted as a loss in your statistics.


High Scores

    Select View High Scores in the Commands menu to view the high scores.

    The program keeps high scores for each level of play -- best performance in 5 or 10 consecutive games, and winning percentage. Winning percentages only count if you have at least 10 wins.

    If you beat the Master level 10 or even 5 consecutive times, I'm very impressed -- if it's too easy, let me know!

    Select Clear High Scores... in the Commands menu to clear the high scores.



    Only games using pentominoes are counted in your statistics.

    Also, games on user boards are not counted.

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