Other Features

    Here's information on some of the other features found in Polyominoes 7.0.



    Printing is not currently available in the Windows version of Polyominoes.



    You can turn the sounds on or off by selecting Preferences... in the Options menu.

    Sound applies to all sounds, including the snapping sound when a piece is placed on the board, and the sounds made at the end of a game.

    Give Up Sound is the sound the computer makes when it knows it's won.

    Welcome Sound is the first sound you hear when you run Polyominoes.

    Speak Chat Text - the computer will speak all the chat text in a network game.

    If you don't want the Switch Game dialog to show up when you first launch the program, unselect that option here.



    It is currently not possible to change the colors in the Windows version.


Miscellaneous Shortcuts

    To select the next piece, press the tab key (you'll have to press it to find out what "next" means, but it's fairly intuitive). To select the previous piece, press shift-tab.


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