To play the challenge, select Challenge in the Options menu.

    The computer will place pieces on the board to create a situation in the polyominoes game (see the Game help section for details on the game). This is a situation in which you are guaranteed to have a winning move. The challenge is to find it!

    It's very similar to a mate-in-3 chess problem. You know you can checkmate your opponent -- you just have to find out how.

    Generally, the solution requires more than one move. After you make a move, the computer will respond, and you have to make another move, etc., until the game is over.

    If you make a wrong move, the computer will tell you. You have the option of trying again or giving up. If you give up, the computer will show you the correct move, and then you play the losing side. You can also give up at any time by selecting Give Up Challenge in the Commands menu.

    Here's a sample challenge problem:

    The solution is to place the L-shaped pentomino on the board as follows:

    There are now only two places to put a piece -- the upper part of the board, and the left part of the board. Only one piece can fit into either section, so if the opponent puts a piece in one, then you can put a piece in the other and win. Note that the other sections of the board are large enough to fit the C-shaped and block pentomino, but they're both already on the board so they can't be used again.

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