Choosing Boards

    Polyominoes includes 100 different boards to choose from, and you can make your own, as well.


Using the Board Browser

    Select Select Board... in the Boards menu to use the Board Browser to a board to play on.

    This brings up a window with a pop-up menu for board category, and pictures of all the boards in that category.

    Use the pop-up menu to select the category, then click on a board to select it. The currently selected board is highlighted in green.

    When you have selected your board, click OK to use it, or click Cancel to continue to use the current board.

    As a shortcut, you can use the hierarchical menu Select By Category to open the Board Browser with the category you want. Even after you do so, you are still free to switch between categories within the board browser.


Cycle Boards Option

    If the Cycle Boards option is selected, and Game is also selected in the Options menu, then every time you start a new game the board changes. The boards are cycled through in order.

    The boards do not cycle if you are playing the Challenge, Jigsaw Puzzle, or Spanning Puzzle.

    By default, Cycle Boards is selected. You can turn this option off by selecting Preferences... in the Options menu.


Creating Your Own Boards

    If 100 boards isn't enough for you, you can create your own! See the help section on Creating Boards.

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