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Polyominoes for Java 1.0d5

This program is under development. Polyominoes For Java is Copyright 1997 by Kevin Gong. Distribution by any means is strictly prohibited without the expressed written consent of Kevin L. Gong. This is just the beginning of Polyominoes For Java. Eventually, I hope to port much of the Macintosh version of Polyominoes to Polyominoes For Java. Check back here often to see my progress.


  • Select the type of game you want using the pop-up menu at the bottom (Game, Spanning Puzzle, or Jigsaw Puzzle)
  • If you are playing the Game, select the Level you want to play against.
  • You can move a piece onto the board simply by clicking and dragging it
  • To rotate or flip a piece, double-click and hold the mouse down on a piece -- use the resulting pop-up menu to select the orientation you want.


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