Candy Bear    

Candy Bear provides 80 levels of tasty fun, plus 40+ bonus levels. The high scores list lets you see how you stack up against players all over the country.

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Move left or right, up and down ladders, across rope ladders. Pick up all the candy to reveal a door to the next level.

Dodge the green bunnies while pushing crates. Melt holes along the way as needed.

Use moving platforms (both up/down and left/right) to get to where you need to go.

Some of the levels can get quite tricky!

You'll find more bunnies on the higher levels, making your job harder.


  • LEFT = move left
  • RIGHT = move right
  • UP = move up
  • DOWN = move down
  • OK = melt hole
  • REW = melt hole to the left
  • FFW = melt hole to the right
  • BACK = bring up game menu

Many people have had problems with level 13, so here's a video showing how to complete level 13.

 Candy Bear    
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