Four In A Row for Roku    

Four In A Row, available now in the Roku channel store for just 99 cents, lets you play this classic game of skill on your television. You can find it in the channel store, or add it directly to your Roku channel list.

Choose from 4 different levels of computer opponent, or play against a friend. You'll beat the beginner level sooner or later, but the expert level is quite challenging.

Game screen

In the game screen, the image on the far right always shows you whose move it is. The green dot shows you the most recent move. Use the following remote buttons to navigate:

  • LEFT = move left by one column
  • RIGHT = move right by one column
  • OK = place piece here
  • BACK or UP = start a new game or exit

Advanced navigation:

  • FFW = move to the far right column
  • REW = move to the far left column
  • PLAY = move to the middle column

Main screen

Level screen

High scores

Stats screen

Release history:

  • 1.0 Released 2/28/2011
  • 1.2 Released 2/10/2012
 Four In A Row for Roku    
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