7. Rules of the Game

Black moves first. Players take turns making moves. A move consists of moving a piece with the following restrictions:

1. A piece moves in a straight line -- up, down, left, right, or in any of the 4 diagonal directions.
2. A piece may jump over pieces of the same color
3. A piece may NOT jump over pieces of the opposite color
4. A piece may NOT land on a piece of the same color
5. A piece MAY land on a piece of the opposite color, capturing that piece and removing it from the rest of the game.
6. Most importantly, a piece must be moved EXACTLY the same number of squares as there are pieces in that line. The count of pieces includes both your pieces and your opponent’s pieces.

The game is won by uniting your pieces in a single contiguous group. Diagonal connections are fine. Here is a sample winning position for white:

Special cases: If you have only 1 piece left, you win. If you unite your pieces, you win even if you simultaneously unite your opponent’s pieces (by making a capture).