2002 Guest Book Entries

Name: bruce schneier
Location: petaluma , calif.
Date/Time: Sunday, December 29, 2002 5:33:14 PM
Comments: nice site . I know of some other areas by mt. saint helena that are really nice. I am allways looking for new great areas to hike in. Show me yours and I could tell you some of mine. Tip. Next time you go to mt st, helena hike the Palisades trail.

Name: Rick
Location: Lodi, Ca, USA
Date/Time: Tuesday, December 24, 2002 9:39:10 PM
Comments: Hi Kevin, nice site. If you continue the Castle Peak hike from the peak towards basin Peak and drop down in the valley below Basin a trail leads to Warren Lake. A spectacular mountain Lake. Thanks again for the nice site

Name: Max
Location: Mtn View, CA
Date/Time: Tuesday, December 10, 2002 10:04:39 AM
Comments: Kevin, This is a wonderful site. I happened on it as I was searching for some hiking trails. I am an avid hiker and backpacker and just love viewing your photos and descriptions.

Name: anonymous
Location: england
Date/Time: Sunday, December 1, 2002 11:05 AM
Comments: i love the picture of comet falls.it is amazing

Name: Leanne
Location: Vacaville/California
Date/Time: Thursday, November 7, 2002 12:15 AM
Comments: I can't believe what a complete page you have! This is soooooo great. I will pass your link on to people I know that hike....and again thanks!

Name: Bob Obrey
Location: Sunnyvale, CA
Date/Time: Saturday, October 19, 2002 9:38 PM
Comments: Kevin-happened upon your site whie searching for info re a photo visit to UC Santa Cruz Arboretum. Really enjoyed your protea macros. I have photographed proteas in South Africa, Australia and Hawaii, but you have some I haven't seen before. Really lovely! Keep up the good work.........Bob

Name: Joe McGrath
Location: Hollister, CA
Date/Time: Tuesday, October 15, 2002 10:05 AM
Comments: Very nice site. I stumbled across it while doing a search for the Skyline to the Sea trail. I am very impressed by the amount of work you have done in providing this info. I am also an avid hiker and backpacker and have been on many of the trips described. Keep up the good work. But lighten the load!

Name: Pam
Location: Sacramento California
Date/Time: Tuesday, October 15, 2002 8:59 AM
Comments: The caption under the lighthouse sign . . . don't you mean PUBLIC point?? :)

Name: Marilyn Bagshaw
Location: San Rafael, California
Date/Time: Friday, October 11, 2002 11:17 PM
Comments: Great description and pictures of your hike up to the lookout tower on Sierra Buttes. We just got back today from camping at Sardine Lakes, hiking up Tamarack Trail just to the overlook. Wanted to do more, but all books were pretty vague on the route. Your website cleared it all up for our trip next time. Thanks.

Name: Eric
Location: San Carlos, CA
Date/Time: Friday, October 11, 2002 12:48 AM
Comments: Really like your site...came across it looking for Bay Area hiking recommendations on the web. You must have huge calves after all those hikes! Great pictures, btw. If you haven't been, must check out the Canadian Rockies for hiking. It's the best I've experienced! (Also, I can't believe there's someone else who wrote from Wappingers Falls, NY. That's my hometown!)

Name: Janet Stromberg
Location: Berkeley, CA
Date/Time: Tuesday, October 8, 2002 10:30 AM
Comments: Love your site Kevin & I love Sunol. Have had your photo: B25FromSkyCamp001 as my wallpaper for several months. It makes me happy to look at it throughout the day as I sit here in my office in SF dreaming about camping & hiking.

Name: David Edge
Location: Victoria, Australia
Date/Time: Friday, September 27, 2002 1:09 AM
Comments: Your website is vast and breathtaking. The pictures and text of your hikes give a vicarious experience for the viewer to now go out and taste the real thing. You write in such a personable way, that us viewers feel we are part of your journey. And the big plus, it's all antifrantic. Thanks for your contribution. David

Name: Cheryl Martinez
Location: Oakland, CA
Date/Time: Thursday, September 26, 2002 9:23 PM
Comments: Hi Kevin! What a wonderful and informative website! Keep up the good work!

Name: David Robert
Location: San Francisco, CA
Date/Time: Tuesday, September 17, 2002 9:54 PM
Comments: I did the hike yesterday. To sum it up with a cliche; what a view! Lets talk about verdigo out on the little crag, which literally has you standing over the valley.

Name: Jonathon Matheu
Location: Portola Valley,Ca, USA
Date/Time: Tuesday, September 17, 2002 7:36 PM
Comments: I have done the Shirley Lake Hike many times. Just to tell you THERE ARE SEVERAL SIDE TRAILS!! and if you travel from the High Camp down you will find the main trail that leads over emmigrant to the rim trail. Do the Hike to Little Needle Lake below Needle Peak...theres good fishing but start out early because the hike last en total: 12hrs. min!

Name: Jen Robbins
Location: San Francsico, CA USA
Date/Time: Tuesday, September 10, 2002 12:47 AM
Comments: Thanks for a great site, Kevin. As a fairly new resident of California, you've given me lots of really valuable information on hikes all around the Bay Area and California. I found your information on Half Dome especially useful, and am planning many more hikes that I'm picking up from your site! Thanks.

Name: Ben
Location: NSW, Australia
Date/Time: Saturday, September 7, 2002 3:05 AM
Comments: Kevin, what a terrific website. I just returned from a walk to Pulpit Rock in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia. The photos and descriptions from your own experiences on this fantastic trek totally sums up what it's like out there. I'll look forward to checking out some of the other sections on this great website. Regards, BEN

Name: Ryan Santos
Location: Hercules, CA
Date/Time: Friday, September 6, 2002 4:05 PM
Comments: Right on brutha...I've only made it through half the pictures on your site and can't seem to get back to work. You've definitely squeezed all the miles you can out of those shoes. Anyway, I particularly appreciate the pictures from Gem Lake. I've been trying to head out there for two years now, but can't seem to get enough people interested. I'm sure your website will help. Me and a couple of friends just did Shasta for the first time in June. It was pretty rough, but worth the trip. Next is Whitney. Got some tips? Anyway...keep up with the great pictures.

Name: Gerrie
Location: Cupertino, CA
Date/Time: Wednesday, September 4, 2002 12:22 AM
Comments: Kevin, I agree with a lot of your recommendations. Thought you might enjoy some of my favs. These are a couple of great restaurants to try ~ Marnee Thai in San Francisco and Four Seasons in Cupertino/San Jose on De Anza. Also for a great burrito ~ Burrito Real in Mountain View on Middlefield is the best! Enjoy! Gerrie

Name: Heyning Cheng
Location: San Jose, CA
Date/Time: Sunday, September 1, 2002 2:40 AM
Comments: Kevin, I must say you have a lot of detailed information and good photos. I particularly enjoyed your trip report on the Rae Lakes Loop. Two weeks ago, I day hiked the Rae Lakes Loop with 4 other hikers from CHAOS (the Cal Hiking and Outdoor Society) and the Stanford Outing Club. We hiked the loop in the counterclockwise direction and finished the 42 mile trek in 15-17 hours. A detailed trip report is on the CHAOS web site, in case you are interested! http://www.uc-hiking-club.berkeley.ca.us/reports/heyning2.txt

Name: David Silva
Location: San Leandro, California
Date/Time: Saturday, August 31, 2002 12:43 AM
Comments: Kevin: I really appreciate this site. I visited many websites before finding yours, which had what I was looking for: useful descriptions, photos and narratives of Kings Canyon hikes. That your writing is entertaining and your photos gorgeous is quite a bonus.

Name: Mike O'Connell
Location: Morgan Hill/CA/USA
Date/Time: Monday, August 26, 2002 11:55 AM
Comments: Hi Kevin, I just hiked to Jennie Lake with my sons age 13 and 10. We hiked out of Stony Creek Campground (6700' base elevation) on the 7.3 mile route over Poop Out Pass to Jennie Lake. I had read your own Jennie Lake hike summary prior to our August 21/22 trip and it was very helpful - even though your hike originated near Fox Meadow (at a higher elevation). Our first 5 miles (to meet the trail junction with the Fox Meadow trail) was really tough, especially the last third. The lake was beautiful and we were the only group there. We camped at the eastern cove near the lake outlet creek (which was high and dry. We caught two trout for breakfast. One major event - at night, a huge piece of granite came crashing down from the granite covered, south side of the lake. The slab of rock made a terrible "groan" as it began to slide and then it was one huge crash after another until is came to a stop near the base of the hill - really wild!! Thanks for the site - My boys are at a great age to begin backpacking into the Sierras and your site is a great help. Mike

Name: Alan King
Location: Novato, California
Date/Time: Sunday, August 25, 2002 6:49 PM
Comments: Kevin, Great site. A friend and I just climbed Mt. Dana on August 14, 2002. It was the nastiest climb I've ever made because of the steepness, altitude, and the loose rocks! It took us 1.5 hours from the flat area around 12,100 ft. to climb through the rocks via the east ridge and another 1.5 hours to climb back to the same spot. We went up via the east ridge as recommended in a guide book but came straight down to the flat area, which we felt was the better way to go up as well as down. The views were fantastic inspite of the haze from the various fires in the west. It took us 4.5 hours to reach the top and 2.75 hrs to get back to the cars. We ate breakfast and dinner that day at the Tioga Pass Lodge, which is about a mile east of the east gate of Yosemite. The food was plentiful, good tasting and not expensive. I recommend it to all.

Name: Douglas Schwaderer
Location: San Diego, California, U.S.A.
Date/Time: Friday, August 23, 2002 8:52 PM
Comments: I hope you keep your site up for a while, as I thought that it was a fine example of the California areas that you photographed. I have been to these areas and enjoy the outdoors when ever I get a chance. :-)

Name: Therese Hirakawa
Location: Campbell/California/USA
Date/Time: Friday, August 23, 2002 5:18 PM
Comments: Kevin, I love reading your site ! I have recently begun hiking, but mostly only in the local county parks. Could you suggest some good moderate hikes in No. California? I am going to Lake Tahoe for the Labor Day Weekend. Is there another good trail other than the Rubicon? Again.....love the site !!! Thanks ! Therese

Name: Robb Perez
Location: Dallas, TX USA
Date/Time: Tuesday, August 20, 2002 11:28 PM
Comments: Your pics are amazing! Many of my pics are identical to yours. But for some reason when looking at your pictures, my nuts sucked up into my abdominal cavity. Just the way they did approaching the diving board. Well Done>>>>>>>>

Name: Gabriel Clinton
Location: Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Date/Time: Tuesday, August 20, 2002 12:49 AM
Comments: Great images! I teach middle school English, history, and photojournalism. Two weeks ago, I just finished the Rae Lakes Loop trip in 2.5 days and was impressed with your shots. I am thinking of going back in fall when the change of seasons is more dramatic. What kind of equipment do you use to shoot concerning film and actual bodies and lenses. I noticed you used Fuji Velvia and wondered how you liked the colors and sharpness of the images versus slide film. I also just got back from Big Sur last weekend and visited all the sites you did. However, I encountered intense fog so I shot mostly black and white TMax100 film. I am trying to determine when the shooting conditions are more clear at Point Lobos. It seems that you went later in the year. Thanks for the beautiful images.

Name: Mary
Location: El Dorado Hills, CA
Date/Time: Friday, August 16, 2002 10:48 PM
Comments: Kevin, Thanks for putting together such a comprehensive guide to hikes in the northern CA. area. Have you ever considered writing a book? I've been looking for a book with many of these hikes and your web site tops anything currently available. I'm familiar with many of these locations having lived in the Tahoe/Sacramento area my entire life and I have to say that you've done a great job describing and photographing the hikes. BTW - on your next Tahoe trip, try the hike into Desolation Wilderness from Echo Lake at the top of US 50. There are many options once you get into the back country. Also, try the Panoramic Trail in Yosemite - 3 waterfalls in about 10 miles. Both are memorable.

Name: Renee
Location: Bay Area, CA
Date/Time: Thursday, August 15, 2002 5:16 PM
Comments: Hey Kevin, my friend stumbled on your site and then forwarded it to me because we were planning a 4-day camping weekend to Mt. Lassen (Aug 8-11). I then forwarded your informative site to the rest of our camper friends. We expected the cold nights from your report and so we were adequately prepared. The nights dropped to 15 degrees! I usually plan out monthly hikes for my friends/fellowship group via another hiking website. I'm switching to your's since you go on harder hikes! Thanks for the great site. You are very descriptive and talented.

Name: Carol Cullens
Location: Sacramento, CA USA
Date/Time: Thursday, August 15, 2002 11:33 AM
Comments: Just a quick editing note--I was looking at your information on Garrapata State Park. The correct spelling of that famous point is "Soberanes" rather than "Sobreanes."

Name: Arreymbuo Arrey
Location: Berlin/Berlin/Germany
Date/Time: Tuesday, August 13, 2002 12:09 AM
Comments: Hi Kervin! In search of picture made with Elite Chrome ExtraColour from kodak, I landed on you WebPage. I am very impressed. I am a hobby photographer and I am very I discovered a site like yours. I am sure it is going to give me some inspiration. Well if you also want to have a look at my Amateur photography, you could visit my Site. http://www.geocities.com/airbock/Arreys A new web Site is under construction. okay and now my question. What kind of Advices can you give some one about using Chrome Film?

Name: Jenny Smith
Location: Roseville, California
Date/Time: Thursday, August 8, 2002 8:49 AM
Comments: I enjoyed your photos. Keep up the good work!

Name: kathy
Location: San Jose, CA, USA
Date/Time: Wednesday, August 7, 2002 4:00 PM
Comments: amazing photo's!!! You don't know me, but a friend of mine forwarded your site address to me, and I've been looking at some of your pictures. I've been to a few of the places you've shot, and wow. You really captured the beauty and uniqueness of the different places. thanks for sharing! k.

Name: Julie Weaver
Location: Lancaster, PA
Date/Time: Wednesday, August 7, 2002 7:08 AM
Comments: Hi Kevin, I have really enjoyed visiting your site. The photos are beautiful! We are planning a trip to Kings Canyon in 3 weeks and your trip reports have been very helpful. I have also checked out your Yosemite and Lassen hikes. We have done many of the same ones and I think are expectations are similar. We are planning on doing several of your hikes in Kings Canyon. Thanks again for the great information! Julie Weaver

Name: Tiffany
Location: Santa Clara
Date/Time: Sunday, August 4, 2002 1:09 AM
Comments: Hello, Kelvin. Great site and thank you for sharing your wonderful trips with me. Hopefully you can find more interesting places and have fun.

Name: Sue
Location: Santa Fe, NM USA
Date/Time: Wednesday, July 31, 2002 12:36 AM
Comments: I was forwarded this site by a co-worker who invited me to trail this site with her and her family. I have just moved here and do not know anyone or anyplace and am still attempting to stop living from boxes......however, after seeing your photos and reading the story - I just might take her up on the offer! Thanks for sharing

Name: Kur tMenning
Location: Berkeley, CA
Date/Time: Monday, July 29, 2002 12:21 AM
Comments: Very impressive site! You must have spent almost as much time writing and then building the site as hiking out there! I found it very useful for a trip to Gem Lake in the Emigrant. Nicely done. Thanks!

Name: simon
Location: france
Date/Time: Wednesday, July 24, 2002 2:20 PM
Comments: Hi great photos!!!!!!!!! What camera do you have???????, Simon

Name: Ann Allen
Location: Canyon Lake, Texas Comal County
Date/Time: Monday, July 22, 2002 9:34 PM
Comments: Hi Kevin, Just happened on your site while looking up the Hoh Rain Forest. You have a wonderful writing style reminds me of "A Walk In The Woods". My husband, Dennis, and I made a quick visit to the Hoh this past April and now I'm taking my daughter-in-law and two grandkids there for a quick look. We would love to hike there someday and your account has really inspired me to see that actually happen. The rain forest is incredible especially for folks from south Texas (although our recent floods made us think we were going to be living in one soon!). Thanks for an inspiring site and look forward to checking out the rest of your adventures. Ann

Name: Ted Dayler
Location: CA
Date/Time: Monday, July 22, 2002 11:56 AM
Comments: Kevin, Nice site. On your Tallac Peak hike, you state about one of your pictures: "Not sure what lake that is" It's the roundish lake. That lake is Gilmore Lake. You pass it when you take a different route to the peak. Ted

Name: Chris Sampson
Location: CA
Date/Time: Sunday, July 21, 2002 10:17 PM
Comments: Nice pics of Cascade Falls @ Tahoe. Looks like you pressed up canyon on the right. Try left, you can work way up the canyon to Snow Lake, about 2 hours from the falls. Stay left after crossing the falls, look up canyon for large boulder, use that as your line. Continue up on the left, then back in the center. Eventually you will reach a large granite mass where the creek cuts across the canyon, left to right.

Name: Alice Mainville
Location: Amesbury, MA
Date/Time: Friday, July 19, 2002 8:01 PM
Comments: Thanks for this page. My son is out in Yosemite and I received a letter from him telling me he visited Lembert Dome. He is only 12 and traveling with a student delegation. Your wonderful account and photos help me to better visualize what he is up to. Now I can better discuss his trip with him when he gets back.

Name: Stacy Blumberg
Location: SF, CA
Date/Time: Wednesday, July 10, 2002 5:19 PM
Comments: I'm doing the trip from Crabtree to Gem Lake so your story was really helpful! The pics are great as well!

Name: Colin Dowey
Location: Ventura, Ca.
Date/Time: Saturday, July 6, 2002 2:00 PM
Comments: Great site, inspired me enough to plan a trip.

Name: Terry Brisbane
Location: San Francisco, CA USA
Date/Time: Friday, July 5, 2002 12:28 AM
Comments: Great description of the trails....enjoyed your site immensely! Thank you for taking the time to put together a very informative and detailed website. Pictures were great!

Name: Kent You
Location: Cupertino, CA
Date/Time: Wednesday, July 3, 2002 12:47 AM
Comments: Can you tell me that your black mountain hike ? Is there lots of Sun or shade ? Please advise. Thanks.

Name: John b
Location: Utah
Date/Time: Wednesday, July 3, 2002 12:12 AM
Comments: RE: > The frogs are because of the Mark Twain story about the Jumping Frog of Calaveras County.

Name: Ken Herling
Location: Palo Alto
Date/Time: Monday, July 1, 2002 3:15 PM
Comments: Hi, Kevin. I just returned from a solo trip to Gem Lake (6/27-6/29). I really appreciate all of the detail in your writing. It was amazing to read your descriptions of the trail Wed night, then see everything the following day! This was one of the most interesting 9.5 miles I've hiked-the way you come out of the lily ponds to a spectacular panorama overlooking Piute Meadow was overwhelming. Gem Lake itself was fantastic, but the bugs were clearly in charge. I'm going back with friends after Labor Day. Your photography is outstanding!

Name: Colleen
Location: South Lake Tahoe, Ca.
Date/Time: Monday, June 24, 2002 8:31 AM
Comments: Hi Kevin! 27 years of living here and I got a wild hair to do something different. So instead of my Saturday hour of bike riding, I just decided to hike Mt.Tallac! Pulled up your site through a search engine and headed out in my gym shoes after reading what you had to say. The whole trip was incredible and i am NOT a hiker (hence the tennies)but I figured if the local 5th grade class can hike this peak then surely I can. I went solo and ran into interesting foreigners and, at the top, Tahoe locals I already knew. Small world! Thanks for the info, Kevin! Enjoyed it!

Location: Riga/latvia
Date/Time: Friday, June 21, 2002 7:26 AM
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Name: Rhett
Location: San Francisco, CA
Date/Time: Thursday, June 20, 2002 12:29 AM
Comments: Kevin, I really liked your site. I like the peersonal comments about each hike and the pictures, well, they speak for themselves. In case you didn't already know this the yellow flowering plants on the hillside in the Tinker Knob hike are Mule's Ears. I will be bookmarking your site for future reference.

Name: Evan Lemley
Location: Pasadena, CA USA
Date/Time: Thursday, June 13, 2002 10:05 PM
Comments: Thanks for your week summary of the Zion/Bryce/Grand Canyon. My friends and I are planning the same trip. I'll use your journal as a source/guide.

Name: Mitch Culvar
Location: Milpitas, Ca
Date/Time: Tuesday, June 11, 2002 8:23 AM
Comments: Just did Del-Valle to Sunol hike, June 9-10. Saw lots of friendly snakes, a few cows, and even one skittish bobcat. No other backpackers or runners the whole time. Really learned a lot from your site and especially enjoyed the photos. I was looking forward to cooling of in Murietta Falls, however looks like it's dry for the season. Lots of ponds on the Del Valle side of Mt. Rose for splashing water on you though.

Name: Sara Katz
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Date/Time: Thursday, June 6, 2002 7:03 PM
Comments: What a great site! I do one big camping trip a year and have spent many hours doing on-line research, not to mention bought books galore, and never found a site as helpful as yours! You give all the information I could want, and great photos to boot. Now I know where to go this year. Thanks!!

Name: Michael Kisko
Location: Sacramento/CA
Date/Time: Wednesday, June 5, 2002 10:23 PM
Comments: Great site! Will definitely help me decide to go/not go on a few hikes! Some other hikes you might want to check out are Blue Canyon near Sonora Pass in late July or August. It's one of the best in California. Also, Paria Canyon in southeastern Utah is unbelievable! If you get a Sierra hiking group together, let me know. The snow's meltin' fast... see ya up there!

Name: R. J. Hathawa
Location: Los Alamitos, CA
Date/Time: Wednesday, June 5, 2002 6:12 PM
Comments: Looking for a picture of Tharps Log and stumbled across your photos.... Nice job. You might add locations of your pictures for our own adventures.

Name: Jeff Jobe
Location: Los Gatos, CA USA
Date/Time: Wednesday, June 5, 2002 5:23 PM
Comments: Did a search on google for Mt. Dana and stumbled across this site. Some awesome photos!

Name: Neal Watkins
Location: San Diego
Date/Time: Thursday, May 30, 2002 12:44 AM
Comments: Wow - so comprehensive - I've done some of the hikes really enjoyed your site If anybody has time could they give some hike info for Seattle- day hike stuff? thanks I have a 360 degree panoramic hiking site if anybody is interested http://www.nealwatkins.com/hiking Neal

Name: Aidan
Location: San Jose, CA
Date/Time: Tuesday, May 28, 2002 8:08 PM
Comments: Nice site! I found it searching for some backpacking information for King's Canyon where I just spent the Memorial Day weekend with my wife and friends. We camped at Deer Cove parking lot in the National forest the first night (because we arrived too late to get backpacking permits) and backpacked up to Lower Paradise valley for the second night. Paradise valley really lives up to it's name. We encountered some bears in Paradise valley. One was across on the other side of the river, up on the steep rocky slope. We watched it make it's way down the rocks towards us. It was a big brown colored one, not sure what sex. It was exciting to watch it as it came down close to us and a relief to see it wander off out of sight. The other bear encounter was later on at night when we were sitting around the camp fire. I heard a rustling to my right hand side, turned on the flashlight, looked around and there was a bear right beside my tent probing around on the ground. This time it was a fairly small, totally black one, probably an adolescent. We made some noise to scare it off and it ran and jumped onto a large tree trunk. It hung out there for about 20 seconds just looking at us before backing down and scampering off. I definitely want to do the Rea lakes loop sometime, it sounds awesome from your description and pictures.

Name: Ron McLeod
Location: Cedar Park Tx
Date/Time: Tuesday, May 28, 2002 7:40 PM
Comments: Great Site. Re-living my old days hiking in the emigrant wilderness. Leavitt Lake to Huckleberry. Burst rock to Huckleberry and Leavitt Meadows to Huckleberry.

Name: Kuong
Location: San Jose, California
Date/Time: Monday, May 20, 2002 2:54 PM
Comments: One word: AWESOME!!! I stumbled onto your site while gathering some information for our hikes to Lassen(May 25) and Yosemite( June 28: Half Dome, here we come!). We just got started on our nature quest early this year, and found it very fulfilling. As we continue to explore, surely, we will put your information to great use as we trace your footsteps. I suppose our goals are now set- to conquer your milestones. Yeah, right!! :<::::: Happy Journey!

Name: Vince Denny
Location: Boulevard, California, USA
Date/Time: Wednesday, May 15, 2002 6:24 AM
Comments: Hey Kevin, excellent job describing what you've done in the lower Sierra. I have literally hundreds of photos myself from all around there and am working on a similar site, though I don't have that much web space (unless I buy more). Glad to see you enjoyed Paradise Valley as much as I. My poor little brother didn't want to walk more than 3-4 hrs in a day so I left him by himself. He doesn't have a driver's license so he had to walk back to Sentinel from Road's End (5.5 miles) by himself...ha ha!! A correction for you: There are no sequoias in the upper S. Fork Kings River valley. Those are Cedars. You can tell by the flat appearance of the leaves and the similarity to Juniper. I'm investing in overnight equipment for a climb to the top of Mt. Whitney in late June 2002 and again in July 2002, in which case I'll have the stuff I need for overnight stays in Paradise Valley and beyond when I return to seki in April 2003. I wish I had started this hiking stuff before my 40th birthday, I've missed so much... Best time to visit Kings Canyon is right when the road opens in late April. River is roaring, especially Roaring River Falls (yes, it ROARS), and when you reach the giant boulder just before Mist Falls, "The Sphinx" is very well defined in snow, making it look like the real thing in Egypt! Not to mention the fact that only Sentinel campground is open in late April/early May and you might have only a dozen campsites (out of over 80) occupied. Word of advice: bears don't frequent campsites but do inhabit the Don Cecil Trail. And watch your step: on May 11 while walking to Paradise Valley, I encountered two snakes, one of them a rattlesnake. Anyway, I'll come back here after I make my first ascent of Mt. Whitney in 6 weeks and give you a report. CTRL+D for me. Vince

Name: Jennifer
Location: Truckee, CA USA
Date/Time: Monday, May 13, 2002 11:24 AM
Comments: Great site! Very fun to view. Only question- where is Andersite peak?? I live here, and I have not heard of it. poss. Anderson Peak?

Name: Mike Harley
Location: Laguna Niguel, CA
Date/Time: Thursday, May 2, 2002 9:39 PM
Comments: What a magnificient site! Having back-packed the eastern Sierra out of Sabrina Basin a few times, I could really appreciate your preparation, schedule and low impact technique. The pictures were exceptionally beautiful and the bear story was harrowing! Bear bells are smart even in black bear country. I remember running across a fawn-colored bear in Lower Paradise a few years back in the fall. Fat & happy! Glad to see you took a load off the last night in Sentinel. It's a very nice car campground and the river puts you to sleep. Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventure.

Name: Roxann Daily
Location: Vallejo, CA
Date/Time: Wednesday, May 1, 2002 5:43 PM
Comments: This was a very nice site...loved the pictures...and your commentary is very entertaining. I do have a suggestion, however. It would be helpful if you included a rating for ease/difficulty of hike. I actually thought your numbering system was that (5/10...meaning 10 hardest, but this was a 5), until I came across the explanation. It's nice to know what you thought of it (that is subjective, however, and your notes give us an idea of what to expect), but it can be more important to know how strenuous the hike will be. Thanks.

Name: Katherine
Location: Wappingers Falls, NY
Date/Time: Tuesday, April 30, 2002 1:52 PM
Comments: Thanks for all your work on this great website. My boyfriend and I just got into backpacking and were looking for a good trip to do in Sequoia/King's Canyon area later this year. Your website saved me! The hikes he kept picking out seemed a little too ambitious for me, but I found your info on the Rae Lakes loop and I thought it looked like something we both would enjoy. Can't wait to head out west. Thanks again for all your beautiful pictures and info.

Name: Johnathan Behr
Location: Pasadena, Ca.
Date/Time: Wednesday, April 24, 2002 4:42 PM
Comments: I came accross your web site while doing a search of the Emigrant Wilderness and then spent the next 3 hours reviewing your excellent photo/ trip reports. The best individual hiking site I've seen out there. I'm also an avid backpacker/hiker and have my own website called WWW.CALIFORNIAHIKE.COM. I think you'll like it! Keep in touch if you are interested. Congrats on your great work! Happy Trails, Johnathan Behr

Name: Tedd
Location: Santa Maria, CA
Date/Time: Tuesday, April 23, 2002 5:08 PM
Comments: Great story/pictures! I'm heading out that way in June. Looking forward to the hike.

Name: Bill Shaw
Location: Kitchener/ON (currently Berkeley/CA)
Date/Time: Sunday, April 7, 2002 1:01 AM
Comments: New to CA, I stumbled across this website looking for hikes in the Bay Area. Incredibly detailed and inspiring for someone who last backpacked several years ago in Ontario, Canada. Thanks for your efforts and for making it available to us! Best of hiking, Bill.

Name: Ken A. Chong
Location: Fremont, Ca
Date/Time: Thursday, April 4, 2002 6:24 PM
Comments: Kevin, Thanks for putting together a great site. I am a newbie backpacker, and appreciate reading all of your tips and info on the Sunol/Ohlone Wilderness hikes. I hope to do my first Sunol to Mission Peak hike soon with other friends. BTW, I will be carrying portable ham radio gear on my pack frame. It is a lot of fun to talk to the world from a mountain top. Ken

Name: Mike LaTorre
Location: Parker, Colorado
Date/Time: Sunday, March 31, 2002 6:57 PM
Comments: Thankyou for the wonderful website. I hiked to the Rae Lakes when I was 16 with my 62 year old Grandmother. She struggled, but we made it. It had always been her dream to go there and I was able to help make that come true. You helped me relive it. We went in early July and the Kings River was a raging monster. You couldn't get close to Mist Falls, and farther up the John Muir trail it was more of a waterway than a trail with all the runoff. I had wet feet all the time but it was worth it. We tangled with a bear in Paradise Valley, a squirrel bit a hole through my waterbottle, and my Grandmother almost passed out from dehydration. We had a ball. Kings Canyon is God's country, and I hope one day to return to it. Thanks again for all the memories and wonderful photos. Keep on hiking. Mike LaTorre

Name: susan skarra
Location: santa cruz, california
Date/Time: Tuesday, March 19, 2002 4:35 PM
Comments: I loved the story of your snow shoe adventure. I have been thinking of taking up this activity because I love the snow(so far from santa cruz);and because I love to walk out where there are few people, and it would be nice to have less equipment to haul around and be more flexible than cross country. Are poles really necessary? I love where I live; but have to make a concerted effort to get into snow country.

Name: Lindash
Location: Portland, OREGON
Date/Time: Monday, March 18, 2002 6:17 PM
Comments: Not sure how I got your website on a search for birds, but your pictures are great. You had seen some wonderful areas of Oregon. We are new to the area, coming from Colorado. It does rain a lot in the winter but you should see the area in the summer....Wonderful! .... don't forget, the vegetation comes from all the rain.

Name: Kenny Marshall
Location: Midlothian,Va. USA
Date/Time: Monday, March 11, 2002 12:52 AM
Comments: Kevin,I am just checking you out! I haven't heard from you.So I am using all of my computer skills to try and reach you.Geraldine is scared when I try this! Scott said he has heard from you. Steve said we were doing Mt.Whitney in Sept. Well I hope you are well and up to something good!Tell Jean hello! Hope to hear from you soon.

Name: Vicki Peterson
Location: Germantown,MD
Date/Time: Monday, March 4, 2002 6:00 PM
Comments: Envious of all the hikes you've done! Great photos.

Name: Chris Kinser
Location: Visalia, CA
Date/Time: Friday, March 1, 2002 12:55 AM
Comments: Wonderful site. Lots of good info and beautiful pictures.

Name: Mike Matenkosky
Location: Atwater, CA
Date/Time: Wednesday, February 27, 2002 1:59 PM
Comments: Took a chance on HTML, guess it doesn't work! Stll a great site!! Keep up the good work. Here is the address of my site "The Backcountry". http://www.thebackcountry.org

Name: Mike Matenkosky
Location: Atwater, CA
Date/Time: Wednesday, February 27, 2002 1:57 PM
Comments: Nice site Kevin! Looks like you've had some pretty good adventures. Check out my site The Backcountry if you get a chance.

Name: kevin dunk
Location: england sussex
Date/Time: Sunday, February 24, 2002 2:22 AM
Comments: just looking how my island is doing, hope you enjoyed it

Name: Alan McCullough
Location: Sacramento, Ca.Usa
Date/Time: Monday, February 18, 2002 3:58 PM
Comments: Came across your site while researching the Skyline to Sea trail. Nice description of the route for those of us who are just in our planning stages. I've been up and down the Sierras but haven't taken the time to enjoy the coastal range, a mistake I plan on rectifying soon. You mentioned the racoons on your trip. I guess because of all the sierra trips, I've become a solid convert of the bear containers. Of course they work just as well to keep the racoons and skunks out. I definitively am against food in the tent. You don't want the aroma impregnated into the fabric and I've seen ground squirrels dig up and through the bottom fabric. Most camping books will tell you to keep your food and kitchen gear 100 feet from your tent and from a water source. I also wanted to compliment you on your wonderful pics. I've had a photography business and recognize that great shots are not just accidents. Youv'e got some great ones from your trips, I'm jealous. lol

Name: Steve Cullinane
Location: Warren, PA, USA
Date/Time: Wednesday, February 6, 2002 11:37 AM
Comments: Excellent analysis of the traditional 15 puzzle. For a new twist, see ... http://m759.freeservers.com/puzzle.html

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