2003 Guest Book Entries

Name: Galina Stam
Location: Santa Clara, CA
Date/Time: Wednesday, December 31, 2003 7:55:19 PM
Comments: Dear Kevin, for about half of the year I am using your website, since I first found it looking for some information on trails. I am living in South Bay too, and share the same interest for hiking in California But I am looking here not only as a reference, which is excellent, but as a piece of art: I never ever found any website, that was so informative, with spectacular illustration , and wonderful narration! I was sharing link to your web page with my friends, and everybody who seen it was really enjoying it. I found myself looking on familiar places differently, and it gave me opportunity to enjoy wonderful California parks and trail even more! Thank you very much, Happy and healthy new year, Hope to see you some day on trail, Galina Stam
Top 3 Hikes:
1. Grand Canyon (South)
2. Shasta/Lassen
3. all Pacific Crest/John Moor

Name: Mike Sponsler
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Date/Time: , December 27, 2003 7:24:28 PM
Comments: Very nice account of your ascent of Mt. Dana. I along with my 2 sons and daughter (ages 24-27) hiked Mt. Dana September 12 of 2003. It was a great experience especially for soemone like me who at 48 years old had never hiked a mountain trail. Strangley, even though I had not consistently exercised in years, I did not feel altitude sickness, shortness of breath or any other symptoms of high altitude or poor conditioning. Of course I was exhausted! I had lost 80 pounds the previous year and I wonder if carrying all that extra weight and then losing it left me with the some residual benefits once I wans't carrying the extra cargo...kind of like wearing ankle weights or something. At any rate we made it to the summit and felt great about the accomplishment. I really identified with your account of the last part of the hike where there is just rock rubble with no distinct trail. I was getting discouraged at that point and would have turned back if not for some hikers coming down who told us how close we were to the top. With the route we took we couldn't see Mono Lake until we reached the summit. Wow what a shock it was to suddenly see that view. That was worth the hike by itself. I would have liked to have been able to walk down the snow like your group did. I couldn't believe how hard walking down was. Thanks again for you site. Your pix were great and brought back memories.
Top 3 Hikes:
1. Mt. Dana
2. Mt. Dana
3. Mt. Dana

Name: Chris Harmon
Location: Davis
Date/Time: , December 6, 2003 1:29:45 PM
Comments: Hey Kevin - enjoyed the site... have been to a lot of these places and going to DL Bliss for the first time this next summer... Funny how small a world it is - was at ECHS with you. All the best, c
Top 3 Hikes:
1. 10 Lakes Basin, Yosemite
2. Fallen Leaf Lake into Desolation Wilderness
3. Glacier Point to Little Yosemite Valley

Name: Matt
Location: Bernalillo, NM USA
Date/Time: Wednesday, November 19, 2003 2:28:05 PM
Comments: Hey, thanks for mentioning THe Range Cafe in your travel journeys! Just wanted to let you know that we do have lots of different types of people from all age ranges and income levels that enjoy our restaurants. You must have come in on senior day from the rest home! LOL Happy Hiking! Matt
Top 3 Hikes:
1. Tent Rocks
2. McCauly Hot Springs
3. La Luz Trail

Name: will
Location: San Francisco
Date/Time: Tuesday, November 18, 2003 5:14:28 PM
Comments: Great site, good info. I feel that maybe you could spread your ratings out a bit more. Everything seems to be an 8. I was also surprised at your 8 rating for the Milford and Routeburn. Still, a great site. I have bookmarked it for future reference as I am always looking for new hiking opportunities in the Bay area. Great photos. Thanks!
Top 3 Hikes:
1. Abel Tasman-South Island, New Zealand
2. Eagle Creek Trail-Portland Ore
3. John Muir Trail-Yosemite Valley to Reds Meadow

Name: Dana Clemensen
Location: Rohnert Park, Ca.
Date/Time: Wednesday, October 29, 2003 9:33:16 AM
Comments: Looking for possible hiking mates to hike the complete John Muir Trail in Late Sept 2004. 212 miles, approx. 20 days. I'm just in the planning stage of my trip now.
Top 3 Hikes:
1. Tuolumne Meadows to YNP Valley Floor
2. 1000 Lake Basin - YNP
3. Mt. Whitenburg - Point Reyes

Name: paige
Location: Salinas, Ca
Date/Time: Wednesday, October 8, 2003 1:22:03 PM
Comments: Yes, I have enjoyed your site too, thank you. I am planning a Rae Lakes trip for Sept. 2004 and have put a link on my site to yours, hope that's OK. P.S. you can see Mt. Whitney from trail camp, it is the wider of the peaks on the right hand side of your photo. Also, whitneyportalstore is a great resource for Whitney permits/cancelations
Top 3 Hikes:
1. Horseshoe Meadows, Grand Canyon
2. Mt. Whitney x 2
3. Skyline to the Sea

Name: Bonnie Li
Location: Toronto, Canada
Date/Time: Monday, October 6, 2003 7:23:44 AM
Comments: Hi, Kevin and Jean. I enjoyed seeing the photos. Jean, you looked great. Congratulation.

Name: Scott
Location: LA, CA
Date/Time: Thursday, September 11, 2003 5:23:50 PM
Comments: Nice, broad range of hikes, both short and long, alpine and coastal. Good pics, too! I've done several of the same Yosemite and Sequoia-area hikes, as well as a few in Australia. If you ever get back down there, I recommend the coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee Beaches, and the Ayers Rock Base Walk.
Top 3 Hikes:
1. Mount Whitney
2. Half Dome
3. Mount Dana

Name: dennis
Location: buena park, ca
Date/Time: Wednesday, September 10, 2003 5:08:02 PM
Comments: Awsome site!! I cannot believe how organized you are - I thought you must be an engineer, and you are indeed^^ My wife and I are so unorganized that sometimes we don't even recall the places we've been to. That's why everytime I go up to Half Dome or head out to Kings/Seki, I refer to your site. Instead of all time top 3 hikes, which would be very difficult, here are top three not listed in your site. Happy Hiking~
Top 3 Hikes:
1. Narrows - Zion NP
2. Glacier NP
3. Supai - Havasupai, Grand Canyon

Name: Dylan Woon
Location: Daly City/CA/USA
Date/Time: Monday, September 8, 2003 3:26:56 PM
Comments: Kevin, I really enjoy your site! Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. The information has helped me plan some of my own trips. I've enjoyed experiencing your trips through your descriptions. I'm looking forward to attempting Alta Peak! I also appreciate you sharing your experience on Mt. Dana.
Top 3 Hikes:
1. Half Dome (from Yosemite Valley)
2. Mt. Tallac
3. Purisima Creek Redwoods

Name: David M
Location: Paradise CA
Date/Time: Thursday, September 4, 2003 8:43:30 AM
Comments: Thanks for your website. My wife and I were looking for info on climbing local mountains and stumbled upon your page. We will climb Mt. Brokeoff next week. Thanks for the work you have done as it is very helpful for us rookies hikers.
Top 3 Hikes:
1. Castle Crags Northern CA
2. The Zugspitz in Germany

Name: Lakshman
Location: Santa Clara, CA
Date/Time: Thursday, August 28, 2003 10:27:41 AM
Comments: Kevin, Very impressed with your web-page, especially at your interest level to write about all your trips. The web page is very resourceful. Keep it up.
Top 3 Hikes:
1. Half-dome, Yosemite
2. Mount Tallac, Lake Tahoe

Name: Taka
Location: San Jose, CA
Date/Time: Wednesday, August 27, 2003 2:37:40 PM
Comments: Hi Kevin, I was so impressed about all of your hikes and beautiful pictures. I also hike almost every weekend with my family, but 95% or more of those were done in Yosemite and Eastern Sierra. I'd like to expand my activity area to north.

Name: Dave Bryant
Location: Waterloo/Ont/Canada
Date/Time: Sunday, August 24, 2003 11:07:51 PM
Comments: I just thought you should know that your picture of a fiji island iguana (pic from your toronto zoo trip) is actually a bearded dragon. (they come from Australia) other than that nice site. Take care, Dave

Name: leblanc
Location: berkeley, ca
Date/Time: Sunday, August 24, 2003 10:38:40 AM
Comments: hey there - i've posted here before (june 30) - we seem to do a lot of the same hikes and you always have great photos and a good write up. i just hiked the Sierra Buttes trail yesterday and will post my photos tomorrow @ ****amyleblanc.com

Name: Jan Robertson
Location: New Zealand
Date/Time: , August 16, 2003 7:25:28 PM
Comments: This is my personal web page, can you add me to your site. My site compliments your site, especially the photos. Might bring back some memories for you. Click on any photo on the web site and it should connect to my webshots photo albums. Your site is awesome. New Zealand Backcountry Hikes - Backcountry Trails ****.backcountrynz.com New Zealand Backcountry Hikes opens awesome opportunities for adventure travel, hikes, hiking, walking, trekking, backpacking backcountry tracks, backcountry trails, hiking trails, photography in spectacular scenery in our national parks.
Top 3 Hikes:
1. Kepler Track New Zealand
2. Milford Track New Zealand
3. Routeburn Track New Zealand

Name: Karen
Location: Chico, CA
Date/Time: Saturday, August 8, 2003 11:57:37 AM
Comments: Kevin- Excellent site! I will use this as a guide for my future hikes, most definitley. I made it to Fallen Leaf Lake a couple weekends ago and will tackle Tallac in the next couple of weeks. Keep up the great work! Karen

Name: tim
Location: sacramento ca
Date/Time: Thursday, August 7, 2003 11:02:11 PM
Comments: My two girls and I are going to Jennie lakes this week. Thanks for the pix, as our trail book had a nice description of the hike, but no pictures. We are starting from Big meadow trailhead and are doing the loop in reverse (weaver lake first) I will let you know how it pans out when we return Thanks ps, the guide book made no mention of open fires. Thanks again, now we have fires to look forward to at night.

Name: Chris Sheron
Location: Novato, CA
Date/Time: Thursday, August 7, 2003 10:32:44 PM
Comments: Kevin: I found your site on an internet search for the Emigrant Wilderness as I am going back next week. I'm an Emigrant junkie, and enjoyed reading about your trip along the Crabtree Trail, which I've taken about 10 times, usually dropping into Pine Valley and taking the Bell Meadow Trail into the central Emigrant. The Burst Rock Trail from Gianelli's trailhead is also wonderful and not to be missed; it sports phenomenal vistas, loads of granite and huge, spectacular meadows. I could go on and on. It was great to read about your experience in that magical place.
Top 3 Hikes:
1. Emigrant-Crabtree Trail, Down Louse Canyon, then up and over to the Hyatt Lake Loop
2. Emigrant--Burst Rock Trail up Post Corral Canyon to Pinto Lakes, Granite Dome and Middle Lewis Lake
3. Carson Iceberg Wilderness--Spicer Meadow Reservoir (millions of trout)

Name: Penelope Low
Location: Palo Alto, California
Date/Time: Thursday, August 7, 2003 1:07:33 PM
Comments: You have some beautiful pictures. Too bad Milford Falls is in New Zealand, it was going to be my next big hike.
Top 3 Hikes:
1. Berry Falls, Big Basin
2. Fall Creek, Henry Coe
3. Maple Falls, Nisene Park

Name: Rebecca
Location: Austin TX
Date/Time: Wednesday, August 6, 2003 10:34:42 AM
Comments: WOW! What a neat site...how very accomplished and interesting an individual! :)

Name: Steve Hubbard
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Date/Time: Monday, August 4, 2003 2:12:52 PM
Comments: Great site. I just did Half Dome early in July. It was a blast. It would be great to join a hike from this group.
Top 3 Hikes:
1. Half Dome
2. Mission Peak

Name: Hans
Location: California
Date/Time: Sunday, August 3, 2003 10:51:33 PM
Comments: Thanks for putting up photos of your hike to Tuolumne Meadows. We needed some pics for reference and your site was very helpful. Hope to see more in the future.

Name: Ernie Tolentino
Location: seattle, WA
Date/Time: Thursday, July 31, 2003 3:41:31 PM
Comments: We did the Crabtree/Wood Lake loop last July 4th weekend; there already is a comment regarding this trip written by my brother Terry. Beautiful place to hike in, with lots of exposed granite cliffs, aspen, pine forest, and alpine wildflowers (heather, indian paintbrush, shooting stars and yellow aster). The mosquitos were the worst I've ever experienced; couldn't continue to Long Lake due to the relentless bombardment of bugs; a number of people that weekend cut short their trip by several days--those that did not bore the scars of survival. Next time, I will bring mosquito-net outerwear, especially around my head. DEET does a pretty good job, but one usually sweats it off. Temperatures were in the low 80's, and with the thawing of the upper lakes by late June it meant lots of bugs. If we took this trip three weeks later, 90% of the bugs would be gone. Bad timing, I guess. Would have liked to have gone scrambling up the nearby peaks (I even brought along my ice axe), but others on the trail said that there were even bugs even on the snowfield. Never saw any bears though, and those of us who went fishing weren't disappointed. That made it a lot better.
Top 3 Hikes:
1. Mt Robson, Candian Rockies; Berg Lake
2. Mt Rainier, Washington (7x)
3. 1969 Ottoway Lake/Yosemite trip

Name: Jerry Morrell
Location: portland
Date/Time: Tuesday, July 29, 2003 12:51:36 AM
Comments: great pix, interested in more than, "we stopped to eat, then started hiking again". How did it make you feel? what was the sensation like there? that kind of stuff along with your incredible pix would make your site really great. jerry
Top 3 Hikes:
1. across the olympic penn. east to west for 80 miles past mt olympus then hitching back to Seattle thru Port Angelus.
2. Across the Northern foothills to the French Alps near Sisteron, in Provence.
3. Out to the west end of St Bartholomews in the French West Indies

Name: Vic
Location: Dublin, CA
Date/Time: Monday, July 28, 2003 10:44:08 PM
Comments: Awesome backpacking site. Love your pictures. They are fantastic. I've been to some of the places you list. There is nothing else like backpacking.
Top 3 Hikes:
1. Tahoe to Yosemite
2. Headwaters of the Kern R. over Sheppard Pass
3. Edith Lake in Northern Yosemite

Name: Paul Devaney
Location: Boston, MA
Date/Time: , July 26, 2003 10:09:53 PM
Comments: Our group of four made it to the top of Half Dome July 08,2003. It was a 12 hour excursion. One fellow ran out of water at the begining of Little Yosemite Valley on the return trip and was extremely over heated. We did see a black bear up close, about 20 yards away on the path in Little Yosemite Valley during our return. It walked out of the woods next to the Merced and casually strolled away. Also I saw on the path what must have been fresh bear feces because it didn't look like manure and it had plastic food wrappers within it. This was my second attempt of Half Dome, in July 2000 I hiked alone and made it near the top of the stair switch backs just before the cables. However, I had walked too fast that day and was dizzy with an overall feeling of flu like symptoms. It was an easy decision to retreat from there well within sight of the steepness of the cables.
Top 3 Hikes:
1. Fraconia Ridge, NH
2. Half Dome

Name: Terry Tolentino
Location: San Francisco, Ca
Date/Time: , July 26, 2003 8:51:24 PM
Comments: Me and 4 others did the Crabtree Meadow to Gem Lake to Wood Lake back to Grouse Lake and Crabtree this 4th of July weekend. Your description of the trails pretty much matched our experiences except for one thing...Mosquitos...We got bitten pretty bad at Gem and Wood Lakes. Those critters came in swarms and campfire smoke didn't deter them. Lots of Sierra junipers and wildflowers on trail down to Grouse lake from Wood Lake...marmots too.
Top 3 Hikes:
1. Yosemite Valley to Ottoway Lakes over Red Peak to Washburn Lake
2. Cottonwood Lakes, Golden Trout Wilderness (Lone Pine)
3. Crabtree Meadow, Wood Lake, Grouse Lake loop

Name: Rick
Location: San Francisco
Date/Time: Saturday, July 25, 2003 1:43:17 PM
Comments: I feel a little guilty as my group of friends has made extensive use of your site without thanking you. You've provided inspiration for a lot of post-40 people to do some backpacking trips that they would have never done. In addition, the trips that you inspired have turned me into a backpacking fanatic (I think my trip planning is making my friends crazy). Anyhow, thanks a million. PS. We just did a two day trip to Peeler Lake in the Eastern Sierras (above Twin Lakes). It's very choice and I think you'd love it.

Name: Beth Okurowski
Location: Pleasanton, California
Date/Time: Monday, July 21, 2003 11:14:34 AM
Comments: Wow, what a great website! My kids are just getting old enough to hike and camp, so I will keep it in my favorites folder for later reference. Thanks again for your generosity.

Name: Ken Blach
Location: South Lake Tahoe, Ca
Date/Time: Saturday, July 18, 2003 10:09:12 AM
Comments: Very nice pictures and descriptions of all your trips I like the Hike to Mt. Tallac the best which I have done many times. It is the best view of the Lake. - Ken

Name: Bob Mitchell
Location: Mammoth Lakes CA
Date/Time: Monday, July 14, 2003 11:43:39 PM
Comments: Kevin Very nice site.. If your looking for Mnt. Whitney permits check the local papers. There is always someone looking to sell some. I'm about to make a trip up Whitney myself. If you have not taken the path to Duk Lake (and Pika...can not miss that one after climbing the pass!) it is a GREAT day hike.

Name: mike
Location: visalia,ca
Date/Time: Thursday, July 10, 2003 10:30:05 AM
Comments: Nice site Kevin, going to Jennie lakes next week. Enjoyed your comments and pictures. I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks

Name: Diane Petersen
Location: Hayward
Date/Time: Monday, July 7, 2003 3:43:18 PM
Comments: Great page with awesome discriptions and pictures!!! Make a guide book?

Name: Ben
Location: Burney, CA
Date/Time: Saturday, July 4, 2003 5:11:43 PM
Comments: Enjoyed your pictures of Lassen. Just did it today!

Name: Carol Cullens
Location: Sacramento, CA
Date/Time: Wednesday, July 2, 2003 2:51:30 PM
Comments: Hi, Kevin. By now you are probably aware of the meaning of the froggy motif you found in Angels Camp. Just in case, however, I'll fill you in--Angels Camp is the setting for Mark Twain's short story, "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County." Every year the town resurrects this "event" for the enjoyment and edification of thousands who have spent the year training their entries for the jumping contest that Twain described in the story. It's a cool little town, and very typical of the gold-rush era look which has been preserved and interpreted for those who love these places. Naturally, the theme is frogs, what else?

Name: phunkyleblanc333@yahoo.com
Location: berkeley, ca
Date/Time: Monday, June 30, 2003 1:18:32 PM
Comments: excellent site / photos/ log! just hiked mt. judah this weekend - wanted to get to tinker knob but large (15 foot) snowbanks blocked the trail.

Name: Michael
Location: Colorado Springs
Date/Time: Sunday, June 22, 2003 11:30:10 AM
Comments: Nice photos! Brings back memories of living in Oregon.

Name: Colleen Karcher
Location: South Lake Tahoe, Ca
Date/Time: Sunday, June 22, 2003 7:18:01 AM
Comments: Kevin, Love this site but how 'bout some entries for this century! Hiked Tallac yesterday and feel very accomplished. I conquered those nasty rocks and the altitude. Went a year ago and found your site minutes before I shoved off. This year I found some folks at the top and recomended it to them. Being a Tahoe local, I need to be aware of all the hikes around me. Thanks for the info!

Name: Jaimie LaPointe
Location: Rancho Cucamonga, CA USA
Date/Time: , June 21, 2003 5:20:07 PM
Comments: This beautiful and very informative website was just what I needed on this June gloomy day in SoCal since I've had to forgo some recent hiking adventures due to present family circumstances. Your photos and narration really gave me a lot of much needed earth energy.

Name: Pete Lynch
Location: redwood city california
Date/Time: Wednesday, June 18, 2003 10:27:48 PM
Comments: Great site! I've hiked many of the Sierra stuff you have, but need to make myself aware of the bay area hikes, so I can take my fourteen year old daughter (if she gets hooked, then I get more hiking time, right?). Thanks for a great resource. Your pictures are very well done.

Name: Haim Shafir
Location: Bay area
Date/Time: Sunday, June 15, 2003 10:24:38 AM
Comments: liked your page, you covered a lot in the last 3 years, the child will slow you down. 2 nice areas you should add is HW168 area and the Lost coast. Excelent reporting and pictures.

Name: Jignesh Desai
Date/Time: Wednesday, June 11, 2003 1:24:30 PM
Comments: Kevin, Very informative site. I was looking for Dana and Alta Peak, and found exactly what I wanted. Great pictures! happy hiking! -jignesh

Name: WildAngel
Location: Sacramento, CA
Date/Time: Wednesday, June 11, 2003 12:09:29 PM
Comments: Such an awesome hiking site! I am fired up to gather my friends and hit some of these trails. Only trouble is...summer is too short! LOL Thank you for the detailed info...it really is going to make it easier for me to find some of these places. Have a GREAT summer! ~Shelly, in Sac

Name: Stan Mathews
Location: Pacifica
Date/Time: Tuesday, June 10, 2003 10:54:41 PM
Comments: Kevin- you rock! Best website I've seen on hiking. Thanks a bunch & keep up the good work.

Name: Charles Poe
Location: Cupertino, CA, USA
Date/Time: Wednesday, June 4, 2003 2:03:57 PM
Comments: Great site. Excellent info and picutres. Keep on going. Will it be possible for any Asia trip, such as the famous Yellow Mountain --- Huang San?

Name: Michael Gratton
Location: Durhan, NC USA
Date/Time: Wednesday, June 4, 2003 8:45:07 AM
Comments: I enjoyed your analysis of the 15-puzzle a great deal. I've been playing with the problem myself, but not being an agebraist, I hadn't proved the number of legal/illegal boards yet, though I had postulated it. As for computer simulation, the 4x4 case is solvable by a depth-first-search of the move tree (but it takes a while). A BFS is not really feasible. Stuck with this, I have two ideas which you might like: (1) reduce a 4x4 to a 3x3 by solving the top row and left column. If the 4x4 is solveable, then the unsolved 3x3 subboard should now be solvable. (2) In order to transpose two tiles, it is necessary to transpose two other tiles. If I could write an algorithm that would perform the necessary transpositions without disturbing the rest of the board, the solution would be a simple matter of decomposing hte board into the necessary transpositions to order it, then performing these transposes in pairs. So far, no luck with (2).

Name: Gareth Bowles
Location: Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Date/Time: Tuesday, June 3, 2003 5:40:10 PM
Comments: Great page and pix ! Now I have many ideas for bikes and hikes - thanks so much, Kevin ...

Name: Georgie Girl
Location: San Jose, Ca. USA
Date/Time: Monday, June 2, 2003 10:30:32 AM
Comments: Dear Kevin, Thanks so much for your beautiful pics. Will be in same area end of July. Gem Lake is my favorite and can't wait to see/feel/taste it again. Your info. really has helped me to familize my self to some of the other areas near Gem Lake. Happy Trails!

Name: Ursula
Location: Baltimore.MD
Date/Time: Wednesday, May 28, 2003 9:15:04 AM
Comments: Found your site through a Soda Springs search. Wow great info to help me plan my trip to Yosemite this summer. Terrific practical descriptions of your hikes I am looking for things that a 4 & 9 yr old can handle, and you have given me some great ideas. Great photos too!

Name: Pete
Location: Dachau/Germany
Date/Time: Thursday, May 22, 2003 1:50:51 PM
Comments: o.k. second try - this time with a comment: That is a really cool site with a lot of valuable information. Thanks for that. Some of the hikes on your site I have already done, others will follow. I would like to recommend you 2 of my favourite hikes in the US: one is the Wheeler Peak Summit in Great Basin National Park in Nevada, the other is Guadalupe Peak, the highest mountain in Texas. Both rather strenuous, but worth every step.

Name: Pete
Location: Dachau/Germany
Date/Time: Thursday, May 22, 2003 1:40:38 PM

Name: Lana
Location: Santa Clara, CA
Date/Time: Thursday, May 15, 2003 8:43:07 PM
Comments: Thank you for the wonderful hiking information and pictures. They are very helpful. I have recently moved to CA from the East Coast and have decided to make this year a CA backpacking/hiking year. I found myself coming back to your site again and again for descriptions, pictures, and ratings. I bought the book Californa Hiking by Tom Stienstra & Ann Marie Brown. It is a helpful book because it tells me the user groups of each trail and a rating. I have 2 dogs. So my backpacking places are limited. It is a great book but it tends to be too generous on rating the scenic grade. Also, it dosen't have pictures. Visiting your website tremendously clarify all the questions I have about the trails that I am interested in and that you have visited. My goddness, you hike so much. Great work! Thanks again.

Name: Kenny Karst
Location: Yosemite National Park, CA
Date/Time: Monday, May 12, 2003 12:42:10 AM
Comments: Nice site, Kevin. I'm going to Calaveras Big Trees SP next week and stumbled upon your reviews. In case you're interested, the reason you saw all of the frog references in Angels Camp is because Mark Twain spent a fair amount of his life in Calaveras and Tuolumne Counties; and while there, wrote his famous stories about the Jumping Frogs. To this day, there are jumping frog contests in Angels Camp each year. QUESTION: I will be launching my own site within the next few months and I'd be interested in obtaining information regarding the software application you used to create yours. Please drop me a line if you have time.

Name: Matt Sargemt
Location: San Diego, CA
Date/Time: Saturday, May 9, 2003 7:51:51 PM
Comments: Absolutely awesome site with great info. I am planning a trip in Kings Canyon and this info was invaluable. THANK YOU!!!

Name: Rick McCharles
Location: Canada
Date/Time: Tuesday, May 6, 2003 12:00:52 PM
Comments: Just wanted to let you know that we have linked to you from our new QCT site: http://www.i-needtoknow.com/charlotte/ We are testing the site now and would be pleased to get any recommendations See you on the Trail! - Rick McCharles, website editor

Name: David Chiang
Location: Louisville--Home of the Kentucky Derby
Date/Time: Sunday, May 4, 2003 6:43:54 AM
Comments: One other thing: After reading your Rae Lakes Loop trip more thoroughly I had two comments. First your dates for the trip in the heading of each day beginning with Tuesday (9/11) are incorrect. They are off by a day. Secondly my hiking friend (the other half of the so called East Coast Pair) and I still think that Evolution Lake was prettier than the Rae Lakes even on Sep 12th when the weather was perfect. But the Rae Lakes were magnificent. You, Jean, and your camera should plan on doing a North Lake to South Lake (7 day) trip. Then you can judge the comparison for yourself. One Half of the East Coast Pair (even though no one but perhaps Californians would think of KY as being on the East Coast!)

Name: David Chiang
Location: Louisville, KY
Date/Time: Thursday, April 24, 2003 9:28:14 PM
Comments: I came across your 1991 Rae Lakes Loop trip tonight for an unexpected stroll down memory lane. You did an excellent job in photographing the trip and your narrative was terrific (and accurate, too). Maybe I missed it in your write-up, but you didn't mention the unusual lack of jet contrails in the sky (something we Sierra photographers try to avoid) because of what turned out to be the unfortunate 9/11 incident. It was great meeting Jean and you and I am sorry that we never properly said good-bye. We made it all the way down to Jct Meadow (our last campsite) after crossing Glen Pass where we ran into Andy. We hiked out to Road's End on the next day by 1:30pm. Take Care, One of the East Coast Pair (the one with the Purdue Rose Bowl shirt).

Name: Alison Solari
Location: Emeryville, CA
Date/Time: Tuesday, April 22, 2003 2:07:42 PM
Comments: THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE SITE!! Kevin, your photos are lovely. Very nice ... Thanks, Ali

Name: Isabelle
Location: Napa, CA
Date/Time: , April 5, 2003 10:49:48 AM
Comments: Wonderful and informative site. I will check it again. I am looking for friends to hike with. Do you know of a local website where I can connect with other hikers? Thanks!

Name: Jesper
Location: Denmark
Date/Time: Saturday, April 4, 2003 6:20:59 AM
Comments: Hi Kevin, I've looked at dozens of hiking pages over the past month - including several premium ones - and yours is hands down the most informative and enjoyable. I've hiked Half Dome and can't wait to try peaks like Alta that warrant higher scores from you! Hopefully, early June isn't too early for Alta and Whitney. When are you going to bag Shasta?

Name: Randy
Location: Dallas TX
Date/Time: Tuesday, April 1, 2003 2:59:23 PM
Comments: This site is the perfect replacement for the old school slide show. I came here from google search for Kachina dolls and found your trip to Northern N. Mexico. I hiked that area 20 years ago and your pics brought back great memories. I'll be back to check out your other excursions. rs

Name: Amy
Location: San Jose, CA
Date/Time: Tuesday, April 1, 2003 2:57:39 PM
Comments: Hi Kevin, I am Joe H's girlfriend and he told me about your site and that I must check it out. We love backpacking and appreciate the wealth of information this site provides. I cannot wait to try all the different trips you have listed... especially Mt. Whitney! Keep up the good work! ~ Amy

Name: Charles Anderson
Location: El Sobrante/CA
Date/Time: Sunday, March 30, 2003 8:44:32 PM
Comments: Great site - wonderful pictures! I am the Scoutmaster for my son's Boy Scout Troop, and we have been planning our 50-miler happening this August. Your pictures from your trip has clinched the decision to do the Rae Lakes Loop in Kings Canyon. What beauty - what grandeur - and you did a great job of capturing it! Thank you very much! I'll be coming back to your site for more ideas and inspiration. Keep up the good work!!

Name: marietta
Location: Germany
Date/Time: Sunday, March 30, 2003 3:17:33 AM
Comments: Hi, Kevin, I was just looking for a special photograph in the Internet (Angel’s Window / North Rim) found your site, and could not stop reading it. It’s very informative, and the pictures are beautiful!! Thank you! Contrary to you (hiking and taking photographs must be your profession?!), I am only able to hike once a year in the States. I fly over the pond, rent a car for some weeks and am really keen “testing” my backpacking gear. Which tent, or what kind of a stove is the best for an old woman hiking alone? By the way, I too, write down every day what I see and what I hear on my trips. It helps to remember all these wonderful excursions. I hope (and I am sure) to see more from you in the near future - and put, of course, your home page to my favorite pages ...

Name: Rommel
Location: Mountain View, CA
Date/Time: , March 22, 2003 11:14:20 AM
Comments: Hi: Nice site. I just moved to the Bay Area from LA; and this is just the information I need to hike around here! Thanx...

Name: Darren
Location: San Francisco/California/USA
Date/Time: Tuesday, March 18, 2003 7:34:09 AM
Comments: Kevin, I need not say this is a great site since it has been written in stone per say :-) I have been wondering, what are your criteria when choosing a site - back packing? Look forward to hearing from you. Darren...

Name: Frank Prucnal
Location: San Jose,Ca. 95116
Date/Time: Wednesday, March 12, 2003 1:50:57 PM
Comments: Hi Kevin My name is Frank I have backpacked The Ohlone Wilderness trail (Fremont to Del Vale) Various Trails/Places at Henery Coe The Skyline to sea trail (Castel Rock/WaterMan Gap/Big Basen/The Sea. I would like to go on a backpacking trip with you and your group of friends.Let me know what trips and when you have planed for this year.Thanks Frank 3/12/2003

Name: Corrine
Location: China
Date/Time: Wednesday, March 12, 2003 1:01:46 PM
Comments: Very nice and helpful website! I've added it to my favorate folder. Thank you for your great work! Corrine

Name: Joe H
Location: San Jose
Date/Time: Tuesday, March 11, 2003 2:57:09 PM
Comments: Good stuff. The photos are perfect. Just what I was looking for. It's the only decent backpacking/hiking site on the internet. It's great. Keep it up, I'll be checking back with this site often to find some new dope spots. Thanks.

Name: Nick Williams
Location: Walnut Creek, CA, US
Date/Time: Tuesday, March 11, 2003 8:19:16 AM
Comments: I just want to say how much I enjoy your site. You have done an excellent job!!!!

Name: Haiyan
Location: Fremont, CA
Date/Time: Sunday, March 9, 2003 11:29:33 PM
Comments: Great website! It will be my hiking bible.

Name: Donna
Location: Nashville, TN
Date/Time: Sunday, March 9, 2003 2:15:44 PM
Comments: Great site! You have some great photos on here! thanks for sharing them. http://www.1heluva.com/cgi-bin/join.cgi?refer=24816

Name: nico
Location: carmel, california
Date/Time: Tuesday, March 4, 2003 4:23:11 PM
Comments: thank you for the pictures kevin! for me, the beauty of soberanes is evidence enough that heaven is right here, before our eyes. incidently, as far as i know, the trail's speed record is 46 minutes, beginning and ending on the loop itself, not from hwy 1, or from anyother part of the loop. for anyone running it at that speed, or under an hour, contact me. i would love the company! other that that, for a great carbo load before or after the soberanes experience, please visit Nico Restaurant (831)624-6545, on San Carlos street and Ocean Avenue in Carmel. your friend (and host), nico ;-)

Name: Dawn
Location: Modesto, Ca.
Date/Time: Tuesday, March 4, 2003 9:51:06 AM
Comments: Great photos!!! What kind of camera do you have? We are always looking for new places to camp....your site is very helpful.

Name: Patrick O'
Location: Herald, CA
Date/Time: Monday, March 3, 2003 9:20:18 AM
Comments: Kevin, Excellent hiking website and photos! I was reading your trip log on the upper Sky High and lower Sky High Lakes trip, when I saw one of your pictures of the lakes, including Frying Pan and then remembered I DID THAT HIKE way back in August of 1977. I dug out my 'old' photo album and there it was, that beautiful picture of all three lakes. Thanks for bringing back some long lost memories. I am also the webmaster for thefruitbowl.com in Stockton that you have visited and have a link to, Ralph enjoys your visits and we've put a link to your website on there also. GREAT WORK on the website and I really enjoy the details you provide on your treks. Respectfully, Patrick O'Hara

Name: Ron Nugent
Location: Pasadena, California
Date/Time: Sunday, March 2, 2003 12:31:19 PM
Comments: Hi Kevin, Your Lake Elizabeth hike was as if you wrote it for my hike there in July of 2002 with my three children, ages 15,12,& 5. We started off to the banging sound of thunder behind Unicorn Peak, our clear blue sky soon turned dark gray as a High Sierra storm blew in. The temperature dropped several degrees with the on coming low pressure. We encountered a recent mosquito hatch and lots of mud around the lake, as you did. Oboy, did it rain & hail, thunder and lightning. My 5 year old noted that it was "raining ice cubes". We had a wonderful time. The lake is beautiful and the water so clear and cold. Absolutely magnificent scenery, too bad we were chased back down the mountian because of all the lightning. Our next hike in Yosemite will be to Alder Creek Falls in the summer of 2003, a seldom visited two hundred foot drop Fall near the Wawona area, then on to the head waters of the Chilnualna. Thanks for a great website. Hope to see you on the trail sometime - Ron Nugent

Name: Matt
Location: Boston, MA
Date/Time: Saturday, February 28, 2003 8:16:25 AM
Comments: When living in Oakland in 1997 I took a 4-day trip along the Carmel River near where you describe, although from the Los Padres Dam direction upstream. Another thing that didnt merit a mention from the ranger: Poison Oak! It was everywhere. I really enjoyed your description of Fourth of July lake as well, another of my favorite spots. Keep it up!

Name: Fred E Kremerskotter
Location: Milpitas, CA, United States
Date/Time: Tuesday, February 25, 2003 7:02:28 PM
Comments: Enjoyed reading your report on Mt Freely. I will be climbing it next week on snow shoes, and am looking forward to. Fred

Name: Abbie Shepherd
Location: LA,CA
Date/Time: Tuesday, February 25, 2003 6:21:23 PM
Comments: i went to eagle lake before too. it was beautiful. it was nice to see it again on this website. thanks!

Name: Candace
Location: Oakland, CA
Date/Time: Tuesday, February 25, 2003 5:00:33 PM
Comments: Kevin, I discovered you page when I was looking for hikes in Napa. What a website! Great hiking reviews and quotes. Wish it included more descriptive locations/directions. But what you have is great! Thanks...any updates?

Name: Josiah Parker
Location: Orangevale, CA
Date/Time: Sunday, February 16, 2003 12:49:33 AM
Comments: Fantastic site and incredible pics!!! My group is doing a trek around the area of Hiding Camp in Ventana Wilderness this May. We have a rather odd hobby called "historical trekking." This combines a love for pre-1840 reenactment with strict primitive trekking and survival skills. My pics are no match with yours, but I have some from our treks at my website: http://www.geocities.com/sye_parker All the best, Josiah

Name: John
Location: Utah
Date/Time: , February 15, 2003 7:27:13 PM
Comments: No hikes since September 02 ? Excellent Hiking Page ! I like to visit your site when I get homesick for California.

Name: Nick
Location: San Francisco, CA
Date/Time: Sunday, February 9, 2003 10:31:48 PM
Comments: I read you comments someone forwarded me on your trip to Alamere Falls. Just so you will know, there is a new sign on the trail to indicate the turn off for the waterfalls. 50 ft tall and 30 ft wide. Drops right onto the beach. The trail from the parking lot is 4.2 miles. There is a plaque just after you start on the trail from the parking lot. Be sure to check it out, it indicated a good reference for where the falls are. Maybe make a little map for yourself as reference. please go back and visit the falls. They are so worth the trip back. I have been at least 7 times. It is wonderful. (Turn left after Ocean lake -which is the large lake without trees). Enjoy...

Name: Carol Pederson
Location: Oakland, CA USA
Date/Time: Monday, February 3, 2003 12:58:17 PM
Comments: Dear Kevin, Over the past several years I've enjoyed your website very much. Your hike descriptions are very good and your pictures are wonderful. I'm impressed by the improvements you continue to make to your site. I'm also very impressed by the amount of hiking and travel you do. Good for you! I've led hikes and backpack trips for the Sierra Club for over 10 years and am now starting a nonprofit for women-only summer/fall backpack trips in the High Sierra and Bay Area day hikes. A lot of your hike descriptions are to the same places I've been. Maybe we'll meet on the trail some day. Thanks for sharing so much great hiking/trail information with all of your fellow travelers!

Name: Glenn
Date/Time: Thursday, January 23, 2003 6:46:27 PM
Comments: Hey dude, Cool deal, great pics. Perhaps one day our paths will cross.

Name: Donna
Location: Crestline, CA
Date/Time: Tuesday, January 21, 2003 9:41:20 AM
Comments: Being new to So. Cal, I was looking up manzanita trees, which I've just been introduced to, and stumbled across your wonderful page. What a treat you have offered!! Thank you!

Name: Angie
Location: San Francisco
Date/Time: Thursday, January 9, 2003 6:31:21 PM
Comments: Hi Kevin, I stumbled on your site via an internet search on great waterfall hikes. You have a GREAT site and I love your sharp images of the great outdoors and nature. Are you using the Nikon Coolpix slide scanner or ??? I went to NZ about 4 or 5 years ago and the great, green, foresty and fern shots you took really capture the beauty of NZ. You even got a shot of their great trail paths and maintainance and you can't forget the sheep!!! =) Keep up the great work and I look forward to going on some of your great hikes soon! =)

Name: Gonzalo Gomez
Location: Valencia - Spain
Date/Time: Thursday, January 9, 2003 4:48:44 PM
Comments: Hello Kevin and guest book readers! I have had a very good time (nearly two hours)reading the descriptions and looking the photographies of the Lake Tahoe region hikes in your web page. I am an enthusiastic of hiking, having done a lot of hikes in Eastern Spain, and i am seeking for similar landscapes all around the world because i love the mid-height mountains in dry (or not too wet) climate regions (like nearly all the mediterranean mountain ridges). I discovered the Lake Tahoe Region looking a 60's film of Tony Curtis ("40 pounds of trouble", or some like this) and then i searched in the web and i went to your page. I just knew that Lake Tahoe, and Sierra Nevada in general, is one of the most beatiful destinations for wilderness lovers... I think it will be difficult to find in the libraries a guide as complete and illustrative as your web page. I would like to go to Sierra Nevada, but provided that it stands too far away from Spain, i think it is very difficult for me, but you will make me happy with your panarammas and nice photos,... until i get going there! Congratulations.

Name: Taraja
Location: KansasCity,Kansas
Date/Time: Saturday, January 3, 2003 11:34:21 AM
Comments: This is a very nice website, preferred pictures so that we all may understand thought.This site is very cool thought. Thanks, Taraja

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