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Saturday, March 23rd
Lounging around Queenstown

Before we left for the Milford Track, we reserved seats on the Shotover Jet boat. However, after doing the Milford Track we'd spent enough time being wet. We decided to sleep in and cancel our reservations. Of course today was a nice sunny day.

Parasailer visible from our hotel room

We didn't do much today. We walked toward downtown, passing through the Queenstown Arts & Crafts market held at Earnslaw Park. It's a very small market with about 15-20 tables. We had lunch at Old Man Rock again. I had the salmon and corn fritters which were great. Basically corn pancakes with smoked salmon.

We stopped by the bus office in Queenstown to retrieve my tripod (which they had waiting for us). We did a little more shopping, and not much else. We decided to buy groceries and cook dinner in the hotel. One thing I noticed while at the grocery store is that they don't refrigerate their eggs in New Zealand. I'm not sure why they don't do this. Every grocery store in America refrigerates their eggs. But in New Zealand, they're just sitting on the shelf at room temperature. We made sure to thoroughly cook them.

We had dinner in the hotel room while watching rugby. The Auckland Blues were playing the Waikoto Chiefs. I couldn't figure out all the rules just by watching. I got the basic idea, but I couldn't figure out why they kicked the ball sometimes instead of passing, and I couldn't figure out what was supposed to happen once they got tackled. The announcers referred to rucks and mauls, which I think has something to do with that, but I have no idea, really. Still, it was entertaining to watch. One player in particular, number 15 on the Blues, was extremely fast, exploding past everyone else on the field on several occasions. For the record, the Blues won 37-30 after a spirited comeback attempt by the winless Chiefs.

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