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Thursday, June 24th
Fly to Seattle

This trip was sort of a last-minute idea. A little over a month before we started this trip, we were deciding where we could spend a week or so around the 4th of July weekend. For some reason we thought of the San Juan Islands. We'd visited the Seattle area on 2 or 3 occasions before, but had never visited the San Juan Islands. After considering that, I threw in North Cascades National Park, as well, since it was one of the few western National Parks I hadn't really visited (although we'd visited Stehekin on the southern edge of the park before). With that, we started making reservations.

The week before, we shipped our stuff via UPS to our hotel in Seattle. This included our sleeping bags, sleeping pads, camping pillows, chairs, and cooler full of kitchen gear. It's just nicer not having to lug it all through the airport. Well, actually, it would probably be physically impossible for us to do so.

This was the first time we'd be flying Virgin America. One nice thing in comparison to United is that Virgin allows heavier bags -- up to 70 pounds without penalty. This was important, since our big bags would weigh in at around 60 pounds, so we'd avoid the $100 fee that United charges for bags over 50 pounds. Knowing this, I decided to bring our camping canopy in case it rained. It was big and heavy, but it all fit. In fact, for the four of us, we got away with 3 large wheeled bags, at "only" $25 each, a total of $75.

It was a bit foggy at SFO, which delayed our departure a bit, but we still landed close to our originally scheduled time, a bit after 4pm in sunny and warm Seattle. I should say that we were relatively lucky in that regard, as a friend of ours told us that Seattle had recently endured 271 straight days of less than 70 degree weather.

After picking up our bags and a rental car, we went to our hotel near the airport. Then it was off to dinner in Seattle with a friend, before resting for the following day.

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