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Wednesday, June 30th
Ferry to Anacortes

We woke up to sunny skies again this morning. After packing up, we drove to the Whale Museum in Friday Harbor. For $6 for adults ($3 for kids), we visited the exhibits on the second floor. There are bones, displays explaining the physical characteristics of whales and their habitats. There was also an exhibit where you can listen to the sounds of whales. There are several video screens displaying various videos on whales. After exploring the exhibits and watching some of the videos, we drove off toward Rochdale Harbor.

Before getting to the harbor, we stopped at an oyster farm and picked up some oysters and clams. Then we continued on to Rochdale Harbor.

Oysters, mussels, and clams for sale

Rochdale Harbor is a small community with condominiums and a few restaurants and shops near the dock. We picked up some sandwiches and brought them over to a playground next to the swimming pool, near the shore.

Boats at Rochdale Harbor

After lunch, we drove literally across the road to the Westgate Sculpture Park. There are dozens of human-scale sculptures here. If you enter, a $5 donation per adult is requested. It's a nice pleasant walk through grassy fields, with sculptures along the way. There's a pond in the center with some additional sculptures. After enjoying the artwork, we drove back to Friday Harbor. There, we got in line for the ferry back to Anacortes. There's no fee required, as the price is built-in to the ferry ticket from Anacortes.

Westgate Sculpture Park

Looking through one of the sculptures

Pond at the sculpture park

Another sculpture

We caught the 4:50pm ferry back to Anacortes, an 80 minute ride. Then we drove to the inn in Anacortes that we were staying at. After dinner, we did a little grocery shopping, preparing for four nights of camping.

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