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Sunday, August 8th
Drive home

Sunday morning was packing day for much of the campground. More than half the campground cleared out, leading me to believe that Sunday morning is the best time to secure a site. They started early, too, with the first signs of activity around 6:30am.

We took our time, even spending a little more time down at the river. It was still nice, although I will admit that it is a better place to visit in the late evening.

Flower at Middle Tuolumne River

Middle Tuolumne River

We left camp around 10:45am, and headed home. As we left the park at the Big Oak Flat entrance, we saw a long line of cars trying to entre the park. The line stretched on and on and on. I've never seen the line so long here -- at least an hour's wait for the cars at the back. So, while Sunday morning may be a great time to secure a site, apparently a lot of other people already think so.

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