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Sunday, July 1st
Waianapanapa Coast

It rained overnight but stopped by morning, but then it started raining again around 8am. I checked the forecast and it called for mostly rain until about noon, and then partial clearing and not much chance of rain the rest of the day. So it looked like we might have to wait until noon to start our hike. However, it stopped raining and by 9:30am it looked like it wasn't going to rain anymore.

So we headed out to Waianapanapa State Park and hiked down the Waianapanapa Coast.

After the hike, we briefly visited the Waianapanapa Caves, but there really wasn't much to see. There's a big sign explaining some local legend about the caves, but the caves themselves are disappointing.

Sign explaining the legend of the caves

The caves themselves aren't much to look at

Next, we visited the Hasegawa General Store to pick up some supplies (and popsicles for the kids). They have a limited selection, but have milk, juice, bread, etc. Most things you might want, just not a large selection. There's also an ATM machine, which is handy since many of the roadside vendors take cash only.

Next we stopped by Pranee's Thai restaurant to get take-out for dinner. It was only around 2pm, but they close around 3pm, so we wanted to make sure we got there in time. There aren't a lot of choices for dinner in the Hana area if you want to eat out. Many places are only open for lunch, catering to the day trippers, and close by 5pm (if not earlier).

After picking up dinner we started to try to find the trailhead for Kaihalulu (Red Sand) Beach, but couldn't find it immediately. And then it started to rain again, so we gave up. We stopped by the Hana Farms vendor to pick up some bananas and banana bread, then returned to our rental house. At least the rain stopped again so we were able to play outside for a while.

Papaya at our rental house

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