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Tuesday, July 3rd
Kings Highway North

The rain was heavier this morning. Rain, heavy at times, fell until about 9am this morning. Originally I was planning to hike to Blue Angel Falls, something I'd read about in a book. However, after reading some reviews of the hike on the web, I decided against it. While the falls and pool are on public land, you have to go through private land to get to it, and there were many people who complained that the locals are aggressive in keeping people from reaching the falls. So I decided it wasn't worth it.

Instead, we first went to Hana Fresh To pick up some food, then went to Waianapanapa State Park to have a picnic lunch. The parking lot was full and we had to park amongst the trees. It had started raining again around 11am, but stopped by the time we started to eat (around 11:30am). While we were there, I heard a commotion in the bushes next to a car. It sounded like a wild animal fighting. Moments later, I saw two dogs with scary red eyes walking in our direction. I kept our kids back and told them the dogs had probably just killed something. A few minutes later I walked over and saw the damage - a feral cat lying on the ground, flies already buzzing over the dead body.

After that episode, we prepped for our hike, then headed off on the Kings Highway North hike.

After the hike, we stopped by the Hasegawa General Store, then drove over toward Hamoa Beach. Along the way, we stopped briefly at Koki Beach. It's a beautiful beach and there were only a handful of people there. Visible a short distance away is 'Alau Island. After stopping at Koki Beach for some pictures, we continued along the road. Further along the road is Hamoa Beach, but parked cars already lined the side of the road and it didn't look like it would be easy to find a space (and we didn't plan on stopping long anyway), so we just returned to our rental house.

Koki Beach

'Alau Island

It started raining again around 7pm, but cleared up after that. We started packing, as we had an 11:30am flight and a 2 hour drive on the Hana Highway just to get to the airport.

Ever-present geckos at our rental house

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