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Huntington Lake Trip 2013

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Sunday, June 23rd
Rancheria Falls and Indian Pools

There were people up until midnight, talking, keeping us awake, but thankfully this was the only night it was a problem (quiet hour is 10pm). It was pleasant in the morning, not too cold, and no blazing sun waking us up (the campground is pretty well shaded by tall trees).

After breakfast, we drove back to the campground information building to register. While we were there, I asked one of the rangers about short day hikes. I'd planned to do a couple short easy hikes today, but was looking for more ideas. I suggested Idaho Lake, but she quickly dismissed it out of hand, saying the trail wasn't maintained. I think I made a mistake when I told her I had 7 and 9 year old kids; I wonder if she thought they couldn't handle it. Or maybe the trail really isn't maintained. It's still on the Trails Illustrated map, though.

After registering, we had to return to our camp to put our registration slip on our camp post. So arriving too late the day before cost us about 20 minutes of extra driving back and forth. I was at least happy to see that there were a couple very small grocery stores here where we could get some basic supplies. We wouldn't have to drive all the way back to Shaver Lake as I had feared.

Next, we made the short drive to Rancheria Falls.

After hiking to the falls, we drove to the trailhead for Indian Pools.

After the Indian Pools hike, we stopped by the mini-mart for ice cream, ice, firewood, and other supplies. Then it was back to camp for dinner. We took this opportunity to check out nearby Billy Creek. We walked though the mostly empty campground, spotting many snowplants along the way. The creek itself was small and not very inviting. So we walked across the road again to visit Huntington Lake again.

Huntington Lake from near Lower Billy Creek Campground

After enjoying the lake, we walked back to camp where we had a campfire and s'mores. Tonight, we didn't have any campground neighbors, and no problem sleeping.

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