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General Grant Trail

Kings Canyon National Park

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May 31st, 1999

0.6 miles
30 vertical feet

Rating: 6/10

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Jean and I did the General Grant Tree Trail.

General Grant Tree

Jean in front of General Grant

The trail is a paved trail whose highlight is the General Grant tree -- the 3rd largest living thing in the world. It is actually wider than the General Sherman tree, but not as tall.

Also along the trail -- part of the trail, in fact -- is the Fallen Monarch, which is a downed, hollowed-out sequoia you can actually walk through.

Jean in front of end of Fallen Monarch

The sun played peek-a-boo between the clouds as we walked along the trail. We passed a beautiful mountain dogwood tree with white flowers just before reaching the General Grant tree. Afterwards we saw a squirrel practically posing on a stump, and a tiny little bird inching its way up a tall tree. It was a very relaxed atmosphere. International visitors seemed more abundant here than in the far reaches of the park we'd been to earlier.

There's a ski trail which includes this trail. I couldn't help but think how beautiful this trail would be in the winter -- cross-country skiing amongst the sequoias. Ahhh...

Sequoias towering over the parking lot

Looking up at those same trees

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