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Saturday, August 21st
Kayaking, Eagle Lake

We met up with Nancy and went to Camp Richardson, where we went kayaking.

Nice skirts!

We kayaked out to Kiva Beach where we swam and enjoyed the view of Mt. Tallac.

Jean showing off her good paddling form

Mt. Tallac above Kiva Beach

After kayaking we ate at the Beacon, where we enjoyed the sounds of Cool Black Kettle.

Birds flying above Kiva Beach

After lunch, Reza jet-skied while the rest of us drove the short distance to the same beach we'd kayaked to.

Bird above Kiva Beach.

Later, we all met up again and did a short hike to Eagle Lake.

For dinner, we ate at Dixon's, which is not far from Camp Richardson. We ravenously consumed the tri-fries and nachos. After our entrees I made the mistake of going to the bathroom. When I returned, our waitress told me to hurry up. I arrived at the table to the sight of 5 hungry hikers devouring the Napoleon dessert that'd been placed in front of them (okay, Nancy was just watching). I quickly jumped into the fray and ate as much as I could. Yum!

We stopped at Raley's and bought some supplies for the next day, then hung out at Nancy's place for a bit while we ate ice cream. (yes, more dessert)

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