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Thursday, October 18th
Fly to Portland

Jean and I flew from San Francisco to Portland on Thursday night. We were lucky (or unlucky?) enough to be pulled from the main line and have our bags put through a secondary x-ray machine. Though the baggage handler didn't make it clear to us immediately, this speeded up the process for us, as we didn't have to stand in line anymore.

There was a long line going into the x-ray machines to enter the gate area, but we passed through without a hitch. Most of the National Guard troops simply stood around, waiting if needed, though some of them helped passengers put their bags through the machines.

It was a packed flight. As we headed up the coast, we saw the beautiful orange glow of the setting sun to our left.

We checked into the Heathman Hotel, where we also ate dinner that night. The menu includes some gamey meats; we had venison and rabbit, which were quite good.

If I had known about the free high-speed internet access in every guest room, I might have brought my laptop computer. But they do have a machine set up in the hotel library which is freely accessible; I was able to use it to access weather reports.

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