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Saturday, July 2nd
Mystic Beach

Unlike the previous morning when it was overcast, the sun was out early today. We took advantage by going on a short hike to Mystic Beach.

After we returned to Point No Point, I decided to explore the trails inside the resort. I had been a bit spooked by the circular lawn near the beach house, where paths fanned out in 5 different directions. It reminded me of being inside the computer game Myst. Well, it turns out that two of those paths lead to bathrooms. But I took a picture anyway.

Paths to the bathrooms

Rooty trail

Bridge to Point No Point

View from Point No Point

Mystical Point No Point

I didn't find anything too exciting. It was quite nice exploring the trails in solitude. That solitude made me a bit nervous when I reached the bridge to Point No Point. The point itself is basically a big rock, about 30 feet from the mainland. The bridge crosses about 30 or 40 feet above the waters below. The bridge is perfectly safe, but did I mention I'm scared of heights? In any case, the view from the point isn't that great. Most of the view is just water. A better view can be had from near a red bench at the northern end of the trail system. From there, you can see the entire crescent of beaches leading up to the point.

The trail at Point No Point

View from the red bench

View of the coast at Point No Point

More trails at Point No Point resort

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