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Tuolumne Meadows 2006 Trip

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Friday, September 15th
Dog Lake hike

The morning was cold, with gusty cold winds. After breakfast we spent some time by the Lyell Fork of the Tuolumne River, which has great views of Lembert Dome.

Lembert Dome

Searching for rocks

Lyell Fork of the Tuolumne River (yes, Brian's crazy to wear shorts in this cold)

My expectation of a day in the Sierras is a cold morning, then a warm day. Unfortunately somebody forgot the part about the warm day. I don't think it ever reached 50 degrees during the day. Keeping in motion was the best way to stay warm, so we set out on a hike to Dog Lake.

After the hike, we stopped by the Tuolumne Meadows grill and store, but both were still closed due to the power outage. That meant no firewood. By 5pm it was 41 degrees and falling, and our kids were miserable. We resorted to putting them in the car to keep them warm. Eventually we decided it was best to cut our trip short and return home. It was disappointing driving back and not being able to do more hikes, but when you have kids you'll discover it's all about the kids. Rest assured, though, that we haven't given up - this just makes me more motivated to get the kids introduced to camping and hiking. I'll just have to pay more attention to temperature forecasts next time.

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