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Lakes Basin 2007 Trip

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Sunday, September 2nd
Sand Pond Interpretive Trail

It felt a little strange breaking camp on Sunday while most everyone else was staying until Labor Day Monday. Jean had wanted to return a day in advance. Since we were already staying 3 nights, and I didn't really want to face Labor Day return traffic, especially with the Bay Bridge closed due to construction, I didn't try to fight it. I did, however, take it as a license to sneak in one more short hike before we left.

So, after breaking camp, we made the 5 minute drive over to the Sand Pond Interpretive Trail.

After the hike, we drove to Downieville. We arrived to find ourselves in the middle of the Downieville first annual "Great Rickshaw Race". Which meant that we had to circle around for a few minutes to find parking. We then visited the store to get some ice cream, and discovered we were just in time, since they were closing at the odd hour of 3pm. After ice cream, we wandered over to some of the booths set up next to the race. People were festive and milling about on the street, but there didn't seem to be much to see. There were only about a half dozen booths set up selling art or food. The races were held sporadically, and we didn't stay long enough to witness one.

We continued along Highway 49, heading back to the Bay Area. Along the way back I probably encountered close to a dozen signs reminding me that the Bay Bridge was closed until Tuesday morning. As we had hoped, we encountered zero traffic on the way back, arriving home after about 4 hours 20 minutes of driving.

The Lakes Basin area is one of those places I enjoy visiting, but that hardly anyone knows about. After 2 trips, there's still more room for exploration. In the future, I hope to visit Mt. Elwell, Upper Sardine Lake, Haskell Peak, and Frazier Falls. There are also other lakes too numerous to mention.

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