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Saturday, September 1st
Eureka Peak

In the morning, as I was returning from the bathroom, I overheard a camper telling someone that a bear had come into his camp overnight, taken their coolers, and eaten all their food. My first thought was: Why would anyone leave their cooler out? It's an invitation to disaster. Each camp site has a bear storage locker, with ample space for at least 2 large coolers. Now, it is true that the storage lockers aren't labeled (at most other campgrounds they are, but they weren't labeled here), but there are signs at the entrance. In any case, the camp host would come by later and warn us that now that the bear had found food, he'd probably be back tonight. Let this be a warning: always use the bear storage lockers!

This morning the skies were completely clear, so we decided to take a second stab at a peak hike. We made the half hour drive to Plumas-Eureka State Park and started off on the Eureka Peak hike.

After the hike we stopped by the Graegle store for some ice cream and fire wood. As it turned out, we got there just in time, arriving just before the 6pm closing time. Several people didn't make the cut, as we saw a half dozen people come by the front entrance and turn around disappointed as we sat there eating our ice cream in front of the now-closed store.

Along the way back, I confirmed that the creek we had driven across earlier was in fact Frazier Creek and it was bone dry. This was important because I had considered hiking to Frazier Falls the next day. However, since the creek was dry I suspected the falls were either dry or a drizzle, so I now ruled that hike out. We'll have to try that in the spring or early summer sometime.

After we returned to camp and had dinner, Jean started up the camp fire and we roasted marshmallows. If you forget, you can buy s'mores fixings at the Bassett's Station store. You can also buy fire wood for $6 from the camp host.

That night, everyone in the campground was talking about bears. However, the bear either didn't return or walked away quietly upon not finding anything to eat, as it should be. I popped out of the tent around 4am to visit the bathroom, and stopped to enjoy the sights of a bright half moon and bright stars shining down on the peaceful campground.

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