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Sunday, June 27th
Twin Lakes, Moran State Park

It's a good thing I put the canopy up the night before, because it rained a bit overnight. Not much, but enough that it have made everything on the picnic table wet.

Since it was Sunday, much of the campground cleared out today, leaving it much quieter.

After breakfast, we drove up to the top of Mount Constitution. There, we did a hike to Twin Lakes.

After the hike, we drove back down, stopping at Little Summit along the way. The viewpoint requires a short (0.1 mile) walk from the parking lot. At the top there's a big compass drawing on the ground (although I'm pretty sure it's not actually pointing north). The fact that I was alone up there under cloudy skies gave it a sort of spooky, mystical feel.

Compass at Little Summit

View from Little Summit

We drove back into town and picked up some food for dinner, then returned to camp. As we ate dinner, the sun finally came out.

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