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Monday, April 18th
Smuggler's Cove

Monday morning we woke up and found out that the foxes, while they hadn't been able to get at our food in our bear box, had decided to defecate on the box. Those stinkin' foxes. They were no longer cute.

After breakfast we hiked out to Smuggler's Cove.

After the hike we returned to our campground, where we found the foxes had defecated on our picnic table again. Grr...

At camp, we noticed we had lost some neighbors from the night before, but gained some new ones. Still, the camp looked to be slightly less full, perhaps one third full tonight. The wind was blowing steadily through the campground, from west to east, while we prepared dinner. Thank goodness for storm-proof matches.

After dinner, the wind was still blowing. I noted that the tents in other sites seemed to be billowing in the wind like sails, while our tent in site 8 sat relatively unscathed. That night, I could hear that the wind never really died down much, but our tent was never a problem. I would definitely choose site 8 again for that reason alone.

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