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Wednesday, June 27th
Fly to Maui

We'd thought about going to Hawaii for a couple years, but finally decided the kids were old enough that it would be worth it. I spent a while trying to figure out which island(s) to go to, eventually settling on Maui and Kauai. I looked into camping, but there didn't seem to be many good options, so we decided to rent houses instead. We'd fly to Maui, stay a week, fly to Kauai for another week, and then fly home.

Our flight left San Jose at 10:30am on a Wednesday, arriving in Maui at about 12:30pm local time (3:30pm Pacific). When we got off the airplane, the humidity immediately greeted us. It was warm and humid, but not hot and not too uncomfortable. There was light cloud cover.

After getting our luggage, we took the shuttle to the car rental lot (all car rentals are a few minutes from the airport).

Then we drove to the house we were renting in Makawao, high up on Olinda Road. We unpacked and rested a bit before heading down into town for a quick dinner. By this time it had started raining. I kept expecting the rain to stop, as it came and went, but it never went away for good.

Afternoon view from our rental house in Makawao

After dinner we did some grocery shopping (there are large grocery stores nearby), then returned to our house.

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