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Thursday, June 28th
Surfing Goat Dairy

In the morning, we were greeted by a nearly constant light rain, with partly cloudy skies which meant some nice rainbows. I checked and it said it wasn't raining at all, and none was forecast for the rest of the day or tomorrow, either. It was wrong.

Morning rainbow in Maui

I kept expecting the skies to clear and the rain to dissipate, but it never did. I didn't have any hikes planned today, anyway, though. I didn't really have any plans, figuring we'd have a relaxing day after a long day of travel the day before. In retrospect, the travel wasn't that bad, so I probably should have planned something. In any case, after breakfast we went down to Pa'ia where my wife did some shopping. We ate lunch at The Flatbread Company and the pizza there was very good. Expensive (as was everything in Pa'ia), but good.

Our next stop was the Surfing Goat Dairy Farm. We took a short tour, and the kids got to feed the goats (or not feed them; the kids were a bit skittish sticking their hands out toward the animals). Then a sampler goat cheese platter. They also make their own truffles and cheesecake, though we didn't try them.

A visit to the Surfing Goat Dairy

We did some more grocery shopping, then returned to our rental house, hoping the weather would be better the next day for a trip to Halaekala National Park.

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