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Saturday, July 7th
Drive to Anahola, Kauai Bike Path

On Saturday, we got up in the morning and packed up. After breakfast we left our rental house in Kekaha and started the drive to our new rental house in Anahola. We stopped briefly at the grocery store to pick up a portable cooler. After another half hour or so, we stopped at a farmer's market, where we found lots of fruits, vegetables, and macadamia nuts. In addition, there were some stands selling things like smoothies, ice cream, Thai food, and coffee. After buying a few things, we continued along the road. Without traffic, the drive from Kekaha to Anahola probably takes a bit over an hour. There was traffic due to roadwork, however, and our stops added up and it took us about 3 hours to make the trek.

Some fruits available at the farmer's market

We arrived at our farmhouse rental and the first thing we noticed was that it was hot! Much warmer than it was in Kekaha, and seemingly more humid as well. We ate lunch at the house while we watched chickens roam the grasses beneath giant coconut trees. After lunch, we rested for a while in the mid-day heat.

Late that afternoon, we drove over to Kealia Beach for a little stroll to Kealia Point on the Kauai Bike Path.

After the "hike", we drove into the town of Kapa'a, which is much larger than Kekaha or Waimea. We had dinner at a local Korean restaurant, then visited a Safeway for some supplies. It looked like pretty much any other Safeway I've ever visited, although I'm sure it was also the most expensive Safeway I've ever been to.

We returned to the farmhouse and noticed that it was quite a bit cooler now.

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