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2012 Lake Tahoe Trip Report

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Monday, September 3rd
Mount Tallac

Today was the day that this trip revolved around - hiking Mt. Tallac. We got up early, then drove to the trailhead for the Mount Tallac hike, where we met up with Reza.

After the hike, we dropped Reza off and started driving home on Highway 50. It was 7pm, so we figured we'd eat dinner in Placerville around 8pm before continuing home. That was a mistake. I figured since it was relatively late that we'd avoid most of the Labor Day return traffic. Wrong.

The drive started out fine, as there was no traffic up to Echo Summit. Shortly after that, though, the brake lights came on. And on. There was no end in sight. A minute later I realized my mistake and wished I'd taken highway 88 instead. I've never been stuck in traffic on Highway 88; while that route takes about a half hour longer, it appears to be more predictably clear.

As it was, this delay cost us one extra hour. The road cleared up well before Placerville, but by then the damage was already done. We didn't arrive in Placerville until about 9:15pm, and most of the restaurants were closed. We had to go to McDonald's just to get something to eat.

Leaving McDonald's, Jared tripped and fell off the curb toward the car, skinning both his knees. I just mention this because he managed to descend (rapidly) over 3000 vertical feet on rocky and sandy terrain without incident, only to fall victim to a 3-inch McDonald's curb.

We finally got home around 12:20am, disappointed we had to go back to work and school in just a few hours, but happy we had a nice trip.

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