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Lake Tahoe Fall 1999 Report

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Saturday, October 16th
Thunder Mountain

It was freezing cold, but we got up in time to watch the sunrise from Kiva Beach. I'd been here two months earlier and knew there was a great view of Mt. Tallac. Unfortunately, afternoon sun had ruined what otherwise would have been a great picture. So now, armed with my tripod and camera, I snapped away.

Mount Tallac at sunrise from Kiva Beach

Afterwards, we made the short drive to Taylor Creek. We hiked along the many trails in the area for about an hour and a half. The creek itself was filled with spawning bright red salmon. Of course there were yellowing aspens to be found almost everywhere. Heading upstream, the creek leads to a dam of Fallen Leaf Lake. We enjoyed the views here and then turned around and walked through more aspen groves.

Golden Aspen

Trail near Taylor Creek

Salmon in Taylor Creek

Fallen Leaf Lake above the Taylor Creek Dam

Fallen Leaf Lake above the Taylor Creek Dam

After lunch we drove down Highway 89 and turned left onto Highway 88 toward Markleeville. Aspens caught our eye and we stopped at the Kit Carson campground for a short walk and picture-taking. Two artists were doing some painting while we were there.

Artists painting a beautiful fall image

Aspens in Kit Carson campground

Aspens along the road in Kit Carson campground

We retraced our steps, driving back up 89 a short distance to a traffic-slowing grove of aspens, turning from green to yellow to orange. Other cars stopped by the side of the road as people got out to enjoy the view. On the other side of the highway was a great view looking down into the Hope Valley.

Aspens next to Highway 89

Afterwards, we drove to Kirkwood to hike to the top of Thunder Mountain.

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