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2002 Woods Lake Trip

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Saturday, September 21st
Fourth of July Lake

As it turned out, our next door neighbors in camp 10 had reserved site 11 for their friends who never arrived. We found this out by asking them at breakfast time. They didn't seem to mind that we'd taken the camp. We were very lucky, especially considering there were several cars which arrived after us.

During breakfast I took out my maps and books and we tried to decide what hike to do today. We wanted a medium hike today, and an easy one tomorrow. Grouse Lake was too far of a drive. Emigrant Lake near Caples Lake looked good, but Fourth of July Lake didn't require any driving at all, so that's what we decided to do.

The reason I'd wanted to arrive on Friday was to acclimatize before hiking. The camp sits at about 8200 feet elevation. Though we weren't well-rested, and I felt a little short of breath walking around in the morning, I'm sure arriving the night before helped us in the altitude department.

Marks on a tree, perhaps made by a bear

I noticed some scratches on one of the trees in camp 11. I believe that they were made by bear claws, the bear trying to mark out his territory. I could be wrong, but if you're in the camp you may want to check it out.

After breakfast we headed out to Fourth of July Lake.

After the hike we washed up and had a great dinner of satay beef, chicken, and turkey. We then had an interesting experiment trying to make s'mores, roasting marshmallows over the flame of my camping stove. When that failed, we followed Cammy's lead and roasted them over my gas lantern. It actually worked quite well, but if you're going to try this yourself, be careful not to drip anything onto the lantern! Also, be very attentive -- Jean managed to create a ball of flaming marshmallow when she let her guard down.

If you're interested in staying at Woods Lake, there are some basic facilities. Pit toilets, no running water. Drinking water is available. Each camp site has a picnic table, a fire ring (with a grate), and a cooking grill. Had I known this I might have brought some charcoal!

We washed up and got to bed around 10pm. Tonight, not having to worry about being kicked out of camp, and tired from a good day's hiking, I slept like a baby.

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