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Saturday, November 2nd
Chalk Mountain

We waited for it to warm up a bit before venturing outside in the morning. While we were in bed, some birds made sounds outside. It might have been two separate kinds of birds, one of which sounded like a quail.

Tent cabin at Costanoa

The cabins sit above a valley, with a nice view out across to the hills. It was a nice sunny day with a few clouds. We had the continental breakfast, noticing what looked like a wedding party having breakfast. We would see them in full dress later in the day. Costanoa looks like it would be a great place to have an outdoor wedding ceremony.

We stopped by the general store to pick up some sandwiches. When we got there, however, they told us that they didn't make sandwiches until 10:30am. It was only 9am. Eventually, though, they decided to make the sandwiches for us, anyway. They were expensive, as everything there is, but the sandwiches were quite good -- they definitely don't skimp on the meat. We took them with us to take on our hike to Chalk Mountain.

After the hike, we washed up and headed over to the general store and cafe for dinner. It's a very informal atmosphere. I ordered some steak, baked potato, and vegetables. For dessert I had a piece of very rich chocolate cake. If you want to avoid paying the steep prices (as part of the Endless Indian Summer package, we got a $20 gift certificate to the cafe), you can barbecue right outside. If you want to make s'mores, be sure to bring your own graham crackers -- it'll cost you $2.25 for a small pack of them at the store.

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