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Monday, July 27th
Bow Glacier Falls hike

We had a long hike planned today, and I had read that rain might be coming later in the afternoon today, so my goal was to get up at 7am for an early start. Unfortunately it was already raining then. Not wanting to cook breakfast in the rain, I stayed inside until the rain finally stopped around 8am.

It was still raining off and on lightly as we made breakfast. I checked the up-to-date weather forecast on my Sidekick, and afternoon thunderstorms were still in the forecast. Tomorrow's weather looked better. I had to decide between hiking to Lake Agnes or Bow Glacier Falls. Eventually, because of the forecast, I decided to go for Bow Glacier Falls today and Lake Agnes tomorrow. My reasoning was that the start of the Bow Glacier Falls trail was next to the lake, so it wouldn't be so bad if we had to turn around -- at least we would have enjoyed the lake. If we had to turn around before reaching the Lake Agnes teahouse, that would not have been fun.

So, off we went on a 22 mile drive north along the highway (back toward the Icefield Centre) to Bow Lake, where we started our hike to Bow Glacier Falls.

After the hike, we drove back to the grocery store at Lake Louise village to pick up some supplies. We stopped by the campground entrance to buy permits for 2 more nights of campfires. When we reached our campsite, blue sky started to appear above us. After dinner we tried to start a campfire. Unfortunately the wood was so wet that it was creating a lot of smoke, almost all of which (because of the gentle winds) was heading into a neighboring campsite. They came over to complain, saying maybe we should try to find some drier wood. Never mind the fact that they had a huge pile of dry wood underneath their tarp that they could have offered to us. They were probably thinking, "stupid American campers." None of the free firewood is covered, and we hadn't thought to cover any before the rain started, so we gave up and put out what was left of our campfire as it started to rain lightly again.

I spent several minutes drying some of our clothes in the car as best I could. Thankfully our hiking clothes are synthetic and dry pretty quickly. I just used the car's fan vents to dry everything for the next day of hiking.

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