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Saturday, July 3rd
Pyramid Lake

It rained briefly during the night, but it stopped by morning. It wouldn't rain the rest of the day, but it would be cloudy all day. While the campground was a bit fuller since it was now the weekend, it didn't feel crowded at all. All the sites are well-insulated by thick forest.

After breakfast, we drove to the visitor's center. There are several displays here, videos, a gift shop, and a large topographic relief map of the park spread out in the center of the visitor's center. We picked up a couple of junior ranger booklets for the kids, then walked on the Sterling Munro trail which starts from the back of the visitor's center. It's a 330 foot long wooden walkway to a wooden viewing platform. Supposedly it's supposed to provide a view of the Picket Range. Unfortunately clouds obscured much of the view, and tall trees obscured the rest.

Sterling Munro trail

View from the end of the Sterling Munro trail

Again I had to decide what hike to do today. Pyramid Lake seemed like the perfect hike in terms of distance, elevation, and destination. However, the book I had referred to the lake as a "puddle", and gave it a lowly 1 out of 5 stars. I wasn't completely sold on the book's ratings, however, and decided we would go anyway, with somewhat lowered expectations.

So we drove east along Highway 20 and hiked to Pyramid Lake.

After the hike, we returned to camp and helped the kids with their junior ranger booklets. Then it was dinner and a campfire. Although the campground wasn't completely full (even on a long weekend), tonight was the first night we actually had campground neighbors right next to us.

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