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Sunday, July 4th
Ladder Creek Falls, Gorge Overlook, Thunder Creek

It was cloudy and noticeably darker this morning. It definitely looked like it would rain today. We drove to the visitor's center and the kids showed their junior ranger booklets and each received a badge and patch which they were very excited about. They now have junior ranger badges from Glacier, Joshua Tree, and North Cascades National Parks.

We checked out the weather forecast at the visitor's center, and it actually said today would be mostly cloudy but not much chance of rain. Of course, as soon as we got outside it started to rain. I figured we'd probably be more comfortable doing a shorter hike, so we started off by driving the short distance to the town of Newhalem and doing the Ladder Creek Falls hike.

After the hike, we returned to our camp for lunch. It had stopped raining, but having the canopy meant that our table was dry.

After lunch, we drove east just past Newhalem and did the Gorge Overlook hike.

It was now mid-afternoon and we were growing tired of doing short touristy hikes. Also, the weather was looking better. So we drove a little east and did the Thunder Creek hike.

After the hike, we returned to camp. Then it was the usual -- dinner and a campfire. This night was a little different, of course, because it was the Fourth of July. Fireworks are prohibited in the campground, but I believe they're allowed in the town of Newhalem. At least, that's sure what it sounded like up until about 11pm that night. Even the rain that started up again around that time didn't seem to dampen the fireworks.

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