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Eastern Sierra Fall 2012

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Sunday, October 7th
Lower Lamarck Lake

It was another sunny day in the morning. Generally speaking, we've encountered excellent weather in early October in the Eastern Sierra, and today was no different.

Since we'd had another day to acclimatize, I figured we could do a longer hike today. So we drove to North Lake Road and then hiked to Lower Lamarck Lake.

After the hike, we drove back along North Lake Road, where we had a great view of aspens in the valley next to a waterfall below. Unfortunately there wasn't a great spot to stop on the narrow road to get a picture of it. I tried stopping on Sabrina Lake Road a bit later, but there weren't any good views from there. I decided not to drive all the way to Sabrina Lake; I knew it would probably be pretty there (having been there before), but it was getting late in the day and the light was already fading.

Falls near Sabrina Lake Road and North Lake Road

Looking down toward Aspendell

Sabrina Lake Road

So we drove down into Bishop, where I stopped at a gas station to fill up. As I did so, I saw a dramatic sunrise over the Sierra. Obviously I wasn't in the most scenic spot, but I took a couple pictures, anyway. Then we drove back to the rental house for our last night.

Bishop sunset

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